Thailand's 2022 internet penetration statistics

Thailand's 2022 internet penetration statistics
ETDA reveals a survey of Thai people in each generation about how much internet usage they use and why.

Data from the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society reveals the results of the Thailand Internet User Behavior 2022 survey at the event “IUB 2022: What’s Next Insight and Trend?”

It was found that Gen Y people (ages 22–41 years old) continued to have the highest statistics in using the internet for up to 8 hours and 55 minutes per day. The most popular is watching sold products’ live broadcasts. The second place is Gen Z (under 22 years old). Use the internet 8 hours 24 minutes per day.


An overview of the use of the Internet among Thais.

Most of them use the Internet to do e-Health (book an appointment for medical services online), communicate online, watch TV shows/movies/listen to music, watch live broadcasts to purchase goods and services, and use e-Payment. These are the TOP 5 reasons why Thai people use the Internet. Government officials use the Internet more than any other occupation and are 11 hours and 37 minutes per day above average, indicating an increasing entry into the era of digital transformation.

Thai people use the Internet on average for 7 hours and 4 minutes per day. Which region uses it the most?

No. 1, Bangkok has the highest internet usage, with up to 10 hours and 5 minutes per day.

No. 2, the Northeast uses the Internet for an average of 6 hours and 59 minutes per day.

No. 3, the central region, uses the Internet for an average of 6 hours and 45 minutes per day.

No. 4, the northern region, uses the Internet for an average of 6 hours and 17 minutes per day.

No. 5, the South uses the Internet for an average of 5 hours 35 minutes per day.

Which occupations use the Internet the most?

No. 1, civil servants and government officials, have the highest average internet usage at 11 hours and 37 minutes per day, indicating that government personnel have entered the digital transformation era.

No. 2, students use the internet for an average of 8 hours and 57 minutes per day.

No. 3, freelancers use the internet for an average of 7 hours and 40 minutes per day.

No. 4, self-employed business owners use the internet for an average of 7 hours and 29 minutes per day.

No. 5, employees or private employees use the internet for an average of 7 hours and 6 minutes per day.

What do Thai people use the Internet for?

No. 1, 86.16% of Thai people prefer to consult and receive medical services via the Internet, most likely because we can contact doctors more easily than before, without having to travel to the hospital.which saves a lot of time in contact.

No.2, 65.70% communication.

No. 3, 41.51% watch TV shows, videos, movies, or listen to music.

No.4, watch people’s lives in order to buy goods and services (Live Commerce) 34.10%

No.5, financial transactions (e-Payment) 31.29%

No.6, read online posts/news/articles/books 29.51%

No.7, 26.62% sends and receives emails

No. 8, online shopping, 24.55%

No.9, 20.67% work/online meeting

No.10, 18.75% of people play online games. 

Internet usage statistics of Thai people ​

What is interesting is that Live Commerce was included in the first year of the survey, and it is in the TOP 5 reasons for using the Internet by Thais. which tends to grow very high. One of the key growth factors is a platform that is booming during this time, like TikTok.

Who watches lives the most?

 The group of people who watch the most live broadcasts is Gen Y (22-41 years old), with the highest viewership at 64.65%, with a female viewer ratio more than males, making Gen Y the winner of being “online shoppers” (88.36%) than all other Gens, followed by Gen X (84.55%), Gen Z (81.53%), Baby Boomers (74.04%) and Gen Builders (52.30%).

Watch it live or shop online. What do they buy the most often?

 First, Gen Y buys clothes, shoes, sports equipment, and accessories the most, followed by cosmetics, while Gen X buys clothes, shoes, sports equipment, and jewelry the most, followed by consumer products. Gen Z buys clothes, shoes, sports equipment, and jewelry. The most, followed by cosmetics, Baby Boomers choose consumer products the most. Then, followed by dry food, and Gen Builders chose fresh food the most.

Why do people buy products online?

1st place, low cost of 63.10%

2nd place, with a product variety of 58.73%

3rd place, user-friendly platform 45.81%

4th place, organizing promotions such as 9.9, 10.10, etc. 44.39%

5th place, cheap or free shipping 34.10%

Which channel do Thai people shop online the most?

1st place, e-Marketplace (e.g., Shopee, Lazada) 75.99%

2nd place, Facebook 61.51%

3rd place, Website 39.7%

4th place, LINE 31.04%

5th place, Instagram 12.95%

6th place, Twitter 3.81%

1st place, Facebook 66.76%

2nd place, e-Marketplace 55.18%

3rd place, LINE 32.05%

4th place, Website 26.67%

5th place, Instagram 19.91%

6th place, Twitter 9.90%

Which method do Thai people use to payment the most?

1st place, transfer via website or bank application 67.32%

2nd place, Cash on Delivery or COD 58.49%

3rd place, pay by electronic wallet (e-Wallet) 24.43%

4th place, credit card 17.09%

5th place, online payment services such as PayPal or Google Pay 15.51%

           Gen Y and Gen Z are most popular for creating online content, demonstrating that they are content creators more than other generations. The most popular content creation is videos/clips at 49.85%, writing articles/contents/websites at 41.79%. live broadcasting (live) at 36.77%. 11.86% of game streaming/other streaming. Podcast Host 8.98% and Online Radio 10.32%

Which generation are the readers in? What do you use the internet for? Let’s share a little.

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