Time management techniques in Bill Gates style

Bill Gates, a Microsoft Co-Founder and kind billionaire, is not only a legend in technology but also has brilliant time management skills. Even though his life is growing by leaps and bounds, he also has the skills to prioritize tasks to maximize efficiency. This time management skill is undoubtedly a part of Bill Gates’ success. Today, ACU PAY will take you guys to delve into the behind the time management techniques of Bill Gates. 

Seriously use your time

The phrase ‘Do it later’ is not one of the words in Bill Gates’ dictionary. As we all know, money can buy everything but time. You cannot buy time no matter how much you want to add more time in your life. Bill Gates’s daily schedule will take every minute meticulously to ensure that each moment is used most effectively. So, let’s take a look at ourselves and slowly think about what we waste our precious time with daily.

Prioritize and clearly plan time management

Set up a plan and prioritize well about what we are going to do in a day. Bill Gates recommends using the Time Boxing Technique such as today we will reply emails for 20 minutes and do a presentation for 30 minutes. Since there is a lot of minor work to finish, if we do not plan the time frame well, it may affect other tasks or cannot finish the tasks. 

Make good use of small pieces of time

There are a lot of small gaps of time during the day whether when you are taking a ride to work or waiting in line to do something for 5-15 minutes, these times are valuable as well.  The thing that he usually does is carrying a book with him to read in his free time. However, it is not fixed for us to read only, we can use these small pieces of time chatting with your family, making an appointment, or replying to emails can make our time more productive than before. It is better than wasting your time on social media like TikTok for hours.

Get enough sleep

If you sleep too little and have to work 10 hours the next day, your day of work will collapse for sure. Bill Gates sleeps for about 7 hours a day. He goes to sleep at midnight and gets up around 7 a.m. in the morning. So, we should have enough sleep so that the next day we can manage time better. 

Think for a long run and invest in time

Bill Gates once said “We overestimate what will happen in 2 years and underestimate what will happen in the next 10 years” We usually focus on short-term goals in the next few years and give those goals up when we fail to achieve them. It is recommended that you should set long-term goals and focus on consistency in doing it whether in work, investments and relationships. 

Use technology to help in time management

Technology makes our lives easier. Bill Gates also uses technology to help himself. He uses tools in Microsoft to organize ideas, articles and projects throughout his company so that he can access other people’s ideas and information on a particular subject quickly.

We could try a time management application, where we could see our schedules anywhere, whether on a computer screen or a smartphone, that would make our lives much easier.

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