Things you should know before having a cat! For new cat owner.

ข้อควรรู้ก่อนเลี้ยงแมว! สำหรับทาสมือใหม่
Anyone who is planning to have a pet cat as a friend to relieve loneliness should prepare yourself before becoming a cat owner. Cats not only help in relieving loneliness, it also relieves our sadness and makes us more happy. Today, ACU PAY would like to recommend those who are going to have a cat, both having it from a cat farm and adopting stray cats, but do not know what to prepare, buy and what to do first after adopting a cat. ACU PAY has gathered all the answers for you. Let’s get started.

Let’s get to know about Cat’s nature

  • Cats are clingy

They are clingy by nature and would love to be around their owner to show their affection and love. However, some cats might have different ways to show their love such as catching something to show to its owner. 

  • Love to sleep

Apart from being playful, cats love to sleep as well. Normally, cats sleep for 17 hours per day. 

  • Love to scratch furniture

You need to make up your mind that your sofa will be wrecked and full of scratch because scratching things is like making their boundary and showing ownership.

Expenses after having a cat.

  • Vaccinate and medical expenses.

The first thing you should do after having a cat is a medical examination of a cat and get the cat vaccinated to make it healthy. The first vaccine needed was at the age of 8 weeks or 2 months, whether it was measles, leukemia, rabies, and cat AIDS. It is not recommended to shower the cats after vaccination because it will make them sick due to the rapid adjustment.

  • Food costs

Cats cannot eat human food because our food is seasoned which will cause a disease in them. You should buy kibble food or wet cat food which will be arranged by grade and age of cats because food results in cat health. 

  • Cat litter box

This is a must for cat owners. Regarding cat excretion, the smell is quite strong and long-lasting. Litter boxes are a way to cleanse and suppress odors. It also provides cats’ privacy and prevents diseases with bladder and excretion as well.

  • Other expenses

Whether it’s milk, cat snacks, or additional toys to spoil cats who love and fall for us, it’s always a cost that changes every time

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