Top 5! Countries which their people visit Thailand the most.

“Thailand is not inferior to any other countries in the world” This saying is still said no matter how old it is because our country has a plenty of beautiful cultures, delicious food and great tourist attractions. Thus, the number of tourists continues to increase day by day. Today, ACU will show you the number of tourists from January up till now and the top 5 countries which their people visit the most. 

After the COvid-19 pandemic got better and the government decided to reopen the country, there are a lot of tourists from all over the world visiting Thailand to rest and travel. As mentioned above, Thailand has beautiful cultures, delicious food and great tourist attractions. Most tourists feel impressed and happy every time they visit Thailand.

Foreign tourists visiting Thailand have generated more than 1.5 trillion baht in revenue to the country. That is not all the awesomeness that happened. Today we will see the Top 5 countries whose people visit Thailand the most.

  • The first place is Malaysia. There are 257,684 tourists coming to Thailand. 
    – Malaysia, a neighboring country where people can travel easily and do not take much time to travel to Thailand. Also, travel costs are cheap in various routes, including railroads, buses, and airlines.
  • The second place is Russia. There are 202,642 tourists coming to Thailand.
    – Russians are another popular country to visit in Thailand. We often see Russians at the beach because our beach is beautiful and there is a lot of fresh seafood with spicy sauce. It is so delicious that tourists will never be not impressed.
  • The third place is South Korea. There are 168,605 tourists coming to Thailand.
    – The great number of Korean tourists who visit Thailand results in being ranked at 3. Especially on vacation days, Korean tourists will visit Thailand much more than normal.
  • The fourth place is India. There are 101,343 tourists coming to Thailand.
    – It takes about 3-4 hours to arrive in Thailand. Thailand has a full range of tourist attractions, especially beaches, shopping and nightlife. The similar cultures are the reason for Indians to visit Thailand as well.
  • The fifth place is China. There are 91,080 tourists coming to Thailand.
    – After the Covid-19 situation got better, Chinese tourists’ number hopped from 14 of the rank to 5. Especially during the Chinese New Year. The food and tourist attractions are quite attractive and unique.

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