Train rookies how to find the right Fund for themselves!

For those rookies who are interested in investment should not miss this content! In this article, there will be in-depth information about investing in mutual funds. These mutual funds are suitable for salarymen, freelancers and self-employed. Mutual Funds can start from a little amount like a hundred and you will have a professional to take care of the fund. It is an easy investment and convenient. 

What is a Mutual Fund?

It was raised by several investors and incorporated into the fund and put up for enrollment. There will be Asset Management Company to manage and use the fund for investment according to the  Prospectus. Then, the company will share the benefit to the investors according to the proportion of investment. The famous Asset Management Companies are Krungsri Asset Management,  Kasikorn Asset Management and Krung Thai Asset Management Company Limited. 

Types of Mutual Funds

1.Fixed Income Fund : It is the investment in Fixed Income Fund which are government bond, financial negotiable note, State-Owned enterprise bond and corporate bond. The risk rate and long-run benefit is more than the Money Market Fund. It is suitable for those who can take a low rate risk.

2.Balanced Fund : Its policy is to widespread the investment money to have more opportunities for benefits. However, there is a limitation to limit the risk.

3.Equity Fund : It is an investment in Equity. Emphasize domestic and abroad. It is suitable for someone who wants a high rate of benefit and can take a high rate of risk. It is also suitable for those who like to hold stock but do not have time. 

4.Money Market Fund : It is a short-run saving within 1 year. It has the lowest risk rate and gives the long-run benefit less than other funds. It is suitable for those who want to rest their money or have a low fluctuation rate but have higher benefits than  savings bank deposits.

5.Long term equity fund(LEF): It is an investment in ordinary shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Stockholders will be given a tax allowance and tax exemption.

6.Retirement Mutual Fund(RMF) : It is the policy to have various choices of funds such as Money Market and Fixed Income. The funds which have a low rate risk to high rate risk such as Thai Stock and International Stock. This fund was built to collect money to use in the retirement.

How to choose an appropriate fund for yourself?

For those who do not know  what is the right fund and do not have any advice from friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. If the investment needs to be done at once or divide them, you can find the answer in this article.

  • Categorize the proportion of funds according to your type of assets.
  • Study the trends of the market at a time. For example, invest in a Fixed Income Fund which has a low risk rate but also needs to study the trend of the interest rate.
  • Find the fund to invest in each of the proportion assets type
  • Invest according to the proportion of the assets.

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