Warning!! Fake transfer slip editing program.

Warning!! Fake transfer slip editing program.

            Merchants must listen to this warning. A fake transfer slip editing program can change every detail in a slip. If you do not look into it carefully, you can become a victim eventually

Recently, a fake transfer slip editing program was announced on an online group, claiming that this program can change everything, including the transferor’s name, transferee’s name, amount of money, and date.

This warning was posted by a Facebook user named Davich Klinadung. Because scammers can use this program to trick a merchant. They must check a slip carefully if a customer uses a cashless payment to transfer money.

The Bank of Thailand is warning, fake slips are spreading. They also give a trick to check.

  1. Use a notification service from a bank or financial service that can provide services conveniently, such as E-Wallet, because it can send a message when a transfer is done. So, you can compare the amount of money on your account and a slip.
  2. A QR Code scan on an E-Slip can check the transferor’s name, amount of money, date, and time. If it’s not the same amount of money or you haven’t received notification, please be concerned that it’s a fake slip.

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