What is a Mutual Fund?

Let’s get to know about “Mutual Fund”

A Mutual Fund is the mobilization of investors’ money turned into a large investment. There will be a “Fund Manager” who is an expert in managing money in the fund. Highlights of this fund are various investment policies for us to invest in such as stock, real estate, gold, and other assets. In addition, each investment does not require much money so it is perfect for new investors.You might have some hesitation about which mutual fund is right for you because as mentioned, there are so many. Don’t worry. Here is some advice for you. If you don’t know which fund you should invest in,you may take an easy start with the low-risk-rate fund which is “Money Market Fund”. This fund has a low rate of risk with high liquidity. Also, it does not require much money to invest in.

Let’s get to know about “Money Market Fund”

Money Market Fund invests in deposits or bonds such as bank deposits, bonds, and treasury bills with a remaining period of less than one year. A return comes from profit of the investment unit trading. For example, you purchase the fund at 25 baht per unit on 2 Jan 2023. After a year, the price of an investment unit goes up from 25 baht per unit to 26 baht per unit. If you sell your investment unit, you will get profit at 1 baht. 


Money Market fund’s risk is at rate 1. It is perfect for people who cannot take a high risk or those who want to rest their money in times of poor returns.


  • Low risk rate
  •  High liquidity, can trade every business day and get the money on the following day
  • Has an expert to be a supervisor
  • Do not require much money

However, although investments in mutual funds have the opportunity to increase their savings, all investments come with risks. Therefore, everyone should study the information before investing, and choose funds that are at risk that are acceptable to themselves.

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