Which ‘Fashion Brand Companies’ have the highest value in the world?

‘Fashion’ is one of the biggest industries in the world and has very high competition. There are several fashion industries and brands wherever you go. Do you know which fashion brand is the largest and has the highest value in the world? Let’s find out with ACU PAY together!



Company Value: USD 428,000 Million 

Brands: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Givenchy

LVMH is the most valued company in Europe and is also the world’s No. 1 luxury goods empire. According to the companies market cap website, in April 2024, LVMH’s market capitalization was USD 428,000 million. 

Bernard Arnold, founder and CEO of LVMH and ranked among the world’s 10 richest billionaires, is the one behind this wealth. 

LVMH’s business started as a luggage carrier similar to a luggage trunk for a carriage ride in 1854 under the Louis Vuitton brand. Currently, LVMH has over 75 luxury brands, including fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, wine, and liquor.

The 2022 revenue data showed that in one year, LVMH generated nearly EUR 80,000 million (THB 3.1 trillion) in revenue, accounting for nearly one-third of all revenue, while the other one-third came from the U.S. and nearly one-fourth from Europe (including France).

2. Hermès

Company Value: USD 262,000 Million

The family business has been handed down for six generations. The Hermès business began in 1837 with Thierry Hermès producing saddles and harnesses for the aristocracy in France.

Hermès has been known for producing refined products with excellent materials and quality control since Thierry’s saddle production, the silk scarf production of Robert, and Jean-Louis’ Birkin bag production.

Hermès currently has a business of leather, jewelry, and perfumes. LVMH, a giant luxury brand owner, has been secretly buying Hermès shares for nearly 10 years, but with various disputes and lawsuits, Hermès survived the acquisition attempt by LVMH in 2017.

According to the companies market cap website, in April 2024, Hermès had a market capitalization of USD 262,000 million.

3. Inditex

Company Value: USD 144,000 Million

Brand: ZARA

One of the affordable brands that are loved by many teenagers is Zara, Spain’s famous fast fashion brand, which is both the world’s largest clothing manufacturer and distributor, has outstanding quality and affordability, and has limited product launches twice a week to stimulate consumer demand.

Currently, ZARA has more than 7,469 stores in 69 countries/towns worldwide. In addition to ZARA, there are other brands in the chain such as Pull & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home, and Uterque.

In April 2024, the market value of Inditex was USD 262,000 million

4. Nike

Company Value: USD141,000 Million

Nike, an American sports shoe company, was established in 1964 under the former name Blue Ribbon Sports, a retail store. In 1972, the Nike shoes were launched and the company was renamed Nike, Inc. in 1978. Nike now has more than 170 retailers and distributors worldwide, with memorable logos such as Swoosh, a curved logo, and the familiar Just Do It slogan.

One of Nike’s most successful was the period that brought famous athletes such as Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods as presenters, including making model shoes based on athletes’ names such as Nike model Air Jordan, the legendary NBA basketball player, and the creation of NikeTown launched since 1990. The legend of Nike remains up to these days.

Nike currently has items other than sports shoes such as sportswear, sports pants, sunglasses, soccer balls, basketball, golf-related equipment, and more. The market value was USD 141,000 million in April 2024.

5. TJX Companies

Company Value: USD 105,000 Million

Brands: TJ Maxx

TJX Companies is a low-cost US apparel retailer and home appliance with more than 4,500 stores worldwide. The highlight of TJX is to re-value defective products at two major discount stores in the US which are T.J. Maxx and Marshalls

Not only does it reduce our global footprint and environmental issues, but also generates a lot of profits for TJX Companies from the gap in the low-cost retail segment has helped the company to grow continuously.

In April 2024, TJX Companies had a market capitalization of USD105,000 million, according to the companies market cap website.

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