How is Arabica and Robusta coffee different?

Many people who are not coffee lovers may have heard about Arabica and Robusta coffee when they go to coffee shops. Have you ever wondered what the differences are between these two coffees? and what is the uniqueness of each coffee? Let’s follow ACU PAY and find out about this!

Arabica coffee is a coffee bean species that was considered a discovered and cultivated species for a long time ago. Arabica coffee also has a better scent and sweeter taste than other species, and it also contains good sugar and higher acid than other coffee species which is good for health, resulting in it becoming the coffee beans that are popular around the world for over 80%.

Robusta coffee is a coffee species that gained popularity at 20%, following the Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee has a distinctive taste whether for its bitterness, acerbity, or strong coffee taste and high caffeine

The difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee

Cultivated area

Arabica: It is often grown in high areas and cool air. Mostly grown in areas above the sea level at 800 – 1000 meters. Thus, it is popular to grow it in northern provinces of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Lampang.

Robusta: It is often grown in low areas which are above the sea level at 500 – 600 meters. Thus, it is popular to grow in southern provinces of Thailand such as Chumphon and Ranong.


Arabica: The shape of the coffee beans is oval and quite long. In the middle of the beans, there is a line that crosses the beans like the letter S in the English alphabet.

Robusta: The shape of this coffee bean is circular and smaller, the line in the middle is straight.

Scent and taste

Arabica: It is famous for its good smell and mellow taste. The taste of this coffee is sweet with a little sour.

Robusta: This coffee gives a strong and bitter taste. It is not as sweet and sour as Arabica.


Arabica: It contains relatively high levels of sugar as well as acid, but it has very low caffeine and intensity of flavor and less than 2% caffeine content. Thus, it is suitable for brewed coffee. 

Robusta: It contains relatively low levels of sugar as well as acid. It contains more than 2% of caffeine and high intensity of flavor. As a result, it is not popular to be used in brewed coffee but perfect for instant coffee.


Arabica: It’s relatively high in price because it yields a small crop and is not resistant to plant diseases and climate change.

Robusta: It is cheap, low costs, and can be grown easily. It is also resistant to plant diseases and climate change and yields a lot of crops.

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