Which region holds the most crypto?

Which region holds the most crypto?

Which country or region holds the most crypto and how much of a crypto holder’s proportion compared to people around the world? Let’s see.


If ownership is divided by population data, it will be as follows.

  • Male 63%, female 37% 
  • 72% are under 34 years old. 
  • 71% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 
  • The average crypto owner has an annual income of $25,000.

If divided by region, it will be as follows.

  1. Asia: 130 million people 
  2. Africa: 53 million people 
  3. North America: 51 million people 
  4. Europe: 43 million people 
  5. South America: 27 million people 

The number of people who own crypto in Thailand

It is estimated that more than 3.6 million people, or 5.2% of the total population of Thailand, currently own cryptocurrencies.

Do Thai people accept crypto?

Thailand ranks 2nd in the world with more than 9.9% of internet users owning digital currencies. Additionally, the dominant crypto exchange, BitKub, in Thailand, saw 600% growth in 2020.

Do Thai people accept crypto?

Thailand has the second largest share of investment from fintech companies in ASEAN, with 43% of investment focused on e-Payment services and 8% on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Thailand is the first country in Southeast Asia to enact a law on cryptocurrencies to control the offering of digital assets and open the door to crypto-related businesses. Since the beginning of 2018, Thailand has approved trading on seven cryptocurrencies. These regulations exist to address security and fraud issues in this new type of digital asset.

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