Why is the word “bear” is called the downturn market. And the word “bull” is called the uptrend market.

Why is the word “bear” is called the downturn market. And the word “bull” is called the uptrend market.

Why is a "bear" market used to represent a "downturn" market?

If we ever watch a documentary about bears, we can observe that when the bear fights or hunts, the fighting stance will stand up or lift up and then lower its hand to its opponent. in the market as well before the market falls It will lift up before falling down, similar to the attack of a bear. Therefore, with the appearance of the bear, it’s becoming a representative of a downturn market that many people may not like much. But at the same time, it was time for the bull to recover.

Why is a "bull" market used to represent an "uptrend" market?

The name of this uptrend market itself is It comes from the nature of the fight as well, which here belongs to the “Bull”. The fighting style of the bull starts by pressing the head down in order to gore and then goes up to stab the opponent. the same in the market as well. Before the market goes up, there will be a downturn to adjust the basis. and then rise up or gore up there. Therefore, the bull is known as the representative of the uptrend market.

and it is assumed that using animals to compare the stock market. It originated from the popular British animal fighting show during the 16th–19th centuries, when bears exhibited fighting stances and attacked their prey with their paws down, like a falling share price. while the bull will fight by goring just like the stock price going up.

As for the reason why, this phenomenon is called a “bear market,” there are several theories. One has compared this to a bear’s “hibernation,” where investors tend to keep their funds in “hibernation” until the economy recovers again.

There is also the word “bull market,” which has the opposite meaning. It refers to the uptrend of the stock market. And investors have a positive view on the economic outlook.

However, whether it is a “bear market” or a “bull market,” there is always a chance. We just need to know where we stand in the market. so that we can look for opportunities in all market conditions.

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