Who says Black Cats bring bad luck?

In many beliefs, the black cat is a symbol of bad luck. Sadly, these beliefs cause many black cats to be dumped and black cats have little chance to be adopted compared to other kinds of cats. This time, ACU PAY will tell you the beliefs of black cats that bring good luck. What beliefs are there? Let’s find out!

Let’s get to know more about Black cat for a little bit

Black cat is a cat with completely black fur. Most of them are genes that are often found in male cats. To be a black cat, it must be caused by parental breeders with a black dominant gene that is superior to the tiger pattern, or Tabby pattern which is the dominant gene of the cat pattern, but this black fur may be different.

Since thousands of years ago, black cats have often been labeled as a symbol of misfortune, and inauspicious and are related to the witch and Satan. It is believed that you will have bad luck if a black cat runs past in front of you or dead people will be alive again if a black cat walks over the dead body. Not all beliefs think that black cats are bad because there is still a good belief about black cats in many parts of the world as well.

Black cats help expel bad things

A belief of ancient China believes that black cats are sacred animals that can expel evil spirits and disasters. A long lifespan of black cats is a symbol of having a long life and good luck.

Moreover, the Japanese also have black Maneki Neko (Black Lucky Cat) as a symbol of fortune, expelling devellish spirits and preventing ghosts, demons and evils from getting close to the holder.

The British also believe that black cats will help ward off evil from entering the family. Sailors always have black cats as pets because they believe that black cats will help them sail and get back home safely without facing any storm or any other harms while sailing in the sea.

In addition, the belief in ancient Egypt also worshiped cat gods like Bastet and believed that cats also help eliminate dangerous things and evil spirits and protect their homes from diseases and disasters.

Black cats bring lucks in love

Furthermore, the British also believe that black cat is a symbol of a long and happy marriage. Sometimes, the British give black cats as wedding gifts for newlyweds.

 In Japan, there is a belief that if any single girls would like to find their good partners, they have to raise black cats as black cats will bring good boys into their lives.

Black cats bring good lucks

For Thais, there is a belief that black cats can bring good fortune, luck and money to their owners and make their owners millionaires.

In addition, the Scottish also believe that if black cats are seen walking through the gate, wealth will immediately reach their front door.

What do you think about black cat beliefs in each area? IIt can be seen that we are the ones who give them good and bad beliefs but those cats are not the ones who have to be responsible for these kinds of beliefs. Please be open-minded for black cats for once because every animal and every color has their own uniqueness. For anyone who has black cats at home, please do not forget to take pictures of them and show us.

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