Will EVs be able to drive through flooded areas?

Will EVs be able to drive through flooded areas?​

Of course, EVs are known for their energy savings. But if we use it during the rainy season or during which flooding may occur, will it still be able to run or not?


How can an EV drive through water?

The EV car’s body and battery are well designed and developed to be waterproof and dustproof. The manufacturer tested the battery by putting the battery under water for about 50 cm for up to 30 minutes to verify that water was unable to get into the battery.

The heart of an EV is the battery.

Because the battery that is inserted into the car will be at the lowest part because of its heavy weight. It will be able to touch water. With standardized techniques and design, the EV can wade through water at a level of 20–30 cm and will not encounter any problems. However, EV drivers should avoid running through the water. especially in unfamiliar areas. and cannot predict how deep the water is and how long does it take. Because the waterlogged area waiting to be drained takes a long time.”

What if there really is a flood?

In the case of any real problems, the electric system will cut off the electric power inside the EV in a split second. This will increase the security for users even more.

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