10 Jobs that AI Can’t Replace!

In the past few years, we might hear about AI or Artificial Intelligence often. People said AI was created to help with human’s work, but some said humans will be replaced by AI. We as humans might feel uneasy about the latter because AI can work in many fields as humans such as article writing or painting. However, there are some jobs that humans cannot be replaced by AI. Let’s take a look at those 10 jobs that AI cannot do.

Customer Services

It is undeniable that every service job needs to meet with people. It requires empathy, trying to understand their need to meet the various needs as well. 

Human Resource

Communication is needed to work with humans. This job requires emotion, empathy, understanding and interpersonal relations.

Artist and other art professionals

This is about creativity, imagination, techniques, patience and focus because some art work requires a lot of skills and focus to make. 

Social Worker

This job requires empathy and understanding in interrogating, including psychology, word choice, contemplation, emotionally intelligent and consideration.

Public Health Personnel

People working in this field need to make a decision that integrates many complicated aspects, including specific knowledge, not only the knowledge in Public Health.


Being a good teacher requires many skills such as psychology, creativity, adaptability and good interpersonal relations.


This job requires a particular knowledge, analysis and problem solving. Imagination and creativity is also required to make a hypothesis.


A lawyer is a job that uses law and sections in that law. However, a lawyer sometimes uses advanced interpretation logic to be a complement in a decision on the dimensions of the law or to conduct a case in court.


To be an author, you need to have a lot of imagination and creativity, including the complex ability of emotion and thought to make a song or to write a book.


This requires consideration about opportunities and risk to make a successful business.

As you can see, the jobs that are mentioned mostly relate to analysis and coordination because AI do not have deep emotion, logic or interpretation as much as humans


Nowadays, AI is obviously more intelligent than before while humans seem to have stable skill or less depending on age. Those jobs might not be replaced by AI, but it is not going to be like this forever. AI will continue to improve and will move in and replace us more than now.

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