Update 5 Financial Books! Which one is good?

There are a lot of channels to access financial knowledge depending on personal preference. Facebook, Youtube and websites are the popular and convenient way to access financial knowledge. However, “Books” have been popular for a long time and there are people who enjoy reading them. Therefore, we would like to recommend 5 new books about finance for you.

1. Rich Mindset: Mindset makes millions.

This book provides a full course of financial knowledge for you to manage and plan how to use your money wisely. This knowledge will lead you to have millions in your retirement. It is believed that you can be a millionaire if you read, consider and adapt to your daily life.

Author: The Millionaire

Publisher: phetpraguy

2. A Business Tax 101 (Updated)

This book is recommended for entrepreneurs or people who want to start their own business because this book will make them understand about Tax(have a legal reference ) and improve their views about tax as well. The content in the book is an experience and knowledge of Thanhom Gateaim or TaxBugnoms, Tax Blogger who has been in this market for decades. He gathered a lot of real-life stories, questions and problems from business owners and explained them in a form of lesson and easy-to-understand picture with well arranged words and unexpected case study. 

Author: Thanhom Gateaim

Publisher: se-ed

3. Good money management to keep money from running away to others Got a lot of unexpected financial ideas.

For example, Money is less compared to life, this talent should be worth at least 1 million, we don’t think we’d want others to have the insurance money when we’re on life insurance but we still did. These ideas make people aware and take care of their health and money


Author: Sunee Ieumsaengsin

Publisher: Writersoul 

4. Turn debt into strategies to make millions

Having debt is normal in a business world. There might be nothing in a normal situation, but what about in crisis situations. For example, Covid-19 pandemic, economic crisis from the Russia and Ukraine conflict, the rise in production cost, inflation, and the less power to purchase. All of these things have a direct and indirect impact on debt repayment. This book doesn’t teach you how to have debt, but it’s about to tell you how to turn debt into a million-make strategy. 

Boong Deedtinghoo, a marketer who owns a secondary dog marketing strategy, will reveal the answer and share tricks to turn debt into a strategy to make millions. 

Author: Boong Deedtinghoo

Publisher: Tonkin

5. Build your dream business into a 100 million bahts franchise, easy to manage

The strategy to become number one in the franchise industry will enable you to work with good franchise buyers for a sustainable life with the concept of “Good thinking, good doing, we can do it.” The content in the book is from the brain that’s cultivated from real-life experience and from many sources of knowledge around the world (mix with theory and experiences) Therefore, this book will make your dream comes true and a guide to success in your franchise business

Author: Thanabun Summachive

Publisher: The One Publishing

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