10 Outstanding Careers of 2024; “Fortune-teller” is highly popular

ACU PAY would like to introduce you to Top 10 hit occupations in 2024 from Z Generations Group through a survey of Institute of Trade Strategies, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Gen Z people are those born between 2540 – 2555 (1997 – 2012) who grew up with a lot of facilities and technologies. The advantages of the Gen Z people are quick learners, creative, responsible for learning, and quickly developing oneself following the society situation. 

The Institute of Trade Strategies, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce made a statement about survey findings on “10 Outstanding Careers; Dream Jobs of Young Generations and the Status of Gen Z people in 2024”. Gen Z people are divided into 3 sub-groups which are Middle-school students, High-school students, and Bachelor’s degree students. The criteria for outstanding career scoring is based on four main factors such as entrepreneurs’ labor demand, stability and sustainability, income level, and the number of competitors in the labor market.

10 notable occupations of 2024

  • No. 1: Cyber Security Engineer or Safety Technical Officer
  • No. 2: Physician (Surgeon & Dermatologist)
  • No. 3: Physiotherapist, Psychologist, and Dentist
  • No. 4: Data Analyst or Data Designer
  • No. 5: YouTuber, TikToker, Influencer, Streamer, E-commerce Specialist, and Online Merchant
  • No. 6: Celebrity, Actor-Actress, Singer, Digital Marketer, and Software Developer
  • No. 7: Financial Analyst, Financial Consultant, and Financial Planner
  • No. 8: Entrepreneur (Self-employed)
  • No. 9: Legal Consultant, and Lawyer
  • No. 10: Tutor and Fortune-Teller

The reason who Z Generations choose these occupations

For the No. 1 dream job like “Cyber Security Engineer”, the reason why Gen Z people chose is from today’s digital age. There is a huge amount of information on online platforms, making the security of corporate information important. This career has high returns and there is a shortage in the labor market, so there is a high demand for labor.

The second outstanding careers are “ YouTuber, TikToker, and Influencer.” As you all know that these jobs play more important roles in both offline and online platforms. Furthermore, you can create your own brand and communicate with your target groups directly. You can generate more income and new opportunities in the future and also a supplementary occupation to generate a second pocket income.

“E-Commerce Specialist and Online Merchants” are also popular. These jobs are from “Social Commerce” which received more attention. Also, new marketing strategies that consumers tend to shift their spending behavior from shopping at storefronts to spending more via e-commerce platforms. As well as the trend of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provides consumers with easy choices in goods purchasing and less cost to start a business compared to traditional businesses.

And the last unexpected outstanding job is “Fortune-Teller.” People nowadays tend to need more spiritual anchor, so this is a good opportunity to earn income from being a fortune-teller. This career has high returns. The more popularity that the fortuneteller receives, the more return one will get. Sometimes, the cost for fortune telling per hour is in the thousands or tens of thousands, which is higher than minimum wage per day. It also expands its business in a variety of ways, including wallets of each birthday, wallpaper that brings wealth, sacred objects, etc. Moreover, fortune tellers do not have a lot of professional costs. They do not need their own place for fortune-telling and fortune-telling can be done online as well.

Factors influencing the selection of dream jobs are as follows;

  • It is in demand for the market with a certain position = 23.3%.
  • High salary and returns = 20.8%
  • Good working environment = 17.2%
  • Choose according to one’s family = 16.6%
  • Easy to find a job and high chance of progress = 14.7%
  • The organization is well-known and respected = 7.5%

Factors influencing career choices

  • Good working environment and the corporate culture is flexible
  • Free to work and have a chance to do something new
  • Good relationship with colleagues and boss
  • The location of a working place is convenient to travel
  • Be recognized for the work created for an organization
  • Stability and progress
  • The credibility of a business
  • High opportunities for promotion, and high career growth
  • Privileges, welfare benefits, and returns

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