How to choose a lipstick color to match your skin tone.

Speaking of the most items for every girl in their handbag, Lipstick is a must that every girl cannot miss. It is the item that brightens girls’ faces and makes them look pretty even if they barely put on any makeup. However, the lipstick color which is a trend might not suit your skin tone and darken your face as well. Today, ACU will share some tips for girls to choose the lipstick color that is perfect for your skin tone and help brighten your face.

Fair tone

Girls who have this skin tone can wear many lipstick colors, including pink tone, orange tone, and red tone which will brighten your face and make you look more outstanding. The thing they should be careful of is the color intensity. If you choose a tone that is too soft or nude tone, it may make your face not bright. Or if you choose a tone that is too dark, the color of your mouth will stand out more than other parts. This will make your makeup not go along. If you want to wear a dark brown lipstick, you should darken your face with shading or bronzer to make the overall look go along with your lipstick color.

Olive tone

Fair skin girl with yellow undertones which make them look similar to fair tone girls but once they try putting on nude or soft lipstick they look like a sick person. They have white skin similar to fair skin, but the undertones have yellow pellets. Therefore, the appropriate color is orange, brick, brown, or magenta. It will help make the skin look brighter and lively. If you like pink tones, you might choose a darker pink which will help make you have a natural pinkish-white face.

Yellowish-brown tone

This skin tone is classified as a warm tone. They can choose a variety of lipstick colors because it’s a beautiful skin color. Lips that help drive women’s skin are nude, brick, pinkish-orange, or hot red colors such as dark red or rose red. If you don’t want your face to look too fierce, reduce the intensity of the shade and make your face look sweeter. Girls should avoid the dark tone of lipstick that may be too blended in with their face because it will make their face look darker, as well as the too-bright lipstick tone because it can make them look pale and sick.

Dark tone

This skin tone which  many people may consider difficult to choose lipstick colors, but in fact, tanning girls can wear many different shades of lipstick. With a lot of undertones or brown pellets, the lipsticks that will make their skin look the most beautiful are brown and reddish-brown, which will help to make their skin look even brighter. 

For any girl who has dark lips, it is recommended to apply nude lipstick or lip concealer first to adjust the color of the lips and then apply the color you prefer. The lips will have a clear, distinctive color that meets the desired shade. In addition, it will help fill the mouth’s grooves to make it look plump and healthier.

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