Forbidden gift for lovers! otherwise you will break up with them

Everyone would like to gift their important person on a special day, especially for their lovers. We would love to give our special person a present no matter on birthday, anniversary or another special occasion. Alright, many single people here may roll their eyes at this point LOL, but please do not quit reading now. Since someday you may have lovers and you want to give a present to them. Today, ACU will show you a list of forbidden gifts to give to your lovers. Let’s take a look together.

Do not give these presents to your lovers if you do not want them to break up with you.

1. Do not wear black clothes to date

Wearing black clothes is often seen at the funeral. Thus it is not recommended for going on a date because it is believed to be sad and a misfortune for your marriage. It is believed in some countries that it will shorten your lovers’ life.

2. A handkerchief

You might have to wipe your tears with the handkerchief. It is believed that something horrible will happen to your marriage until you have to break up with them. You need to ward off the curse by giving a little money in exchange for the handkerchief.

3. Perfume

Because of a good scent with beautiful design, most people choose a perfume as a gift for their lovers. However, the smell of the perfume will fade as time passes by. Giving perfume is like giving love which will fade when time goes by until it has no love left. Thus, those who decide to give a perfume to their lover need to reconsider their decision once again.

4. A picture of yourself only.

A picture is one of the souvenirs, but it is not recommended to give to lovers because giving a picture of you is like a reminder of yourself when you are away from your lovers. Being far away from each other is one of the causes for troubles in married life. Thus, giving a picture of you with your lover is better than the picture of you only.

5. Shoes

Giving shoes is kind of a legend because it is believed that you have to separate from each other no matter if they are your siblings, parents or lovers. It is believed that you may have to break up or be far away from each other. You need to give money in exchange for shoes to ward off the curse.

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