5 YouTube Channels for make-up learning

To be good and advance in doing makeup, many people need to practice and find a make-up style that suits them best. Including learning tips from beauty bloggers who will share techniques, cosmetics and skincare for you to study to be options when you buy the cosmetics. Today, ACU will introduce 5 interesting YouTube Channels that teach how to do make up. Each channel is packed with information which is very useful for people who start doing make up, as well as people who want to have more skill in makeup. Let’s start!

People who love korean makeup style, natural look or every day look should not miss this channel! Not only review a korean makeup style but also recommend skincare products and cosmetics which are good to use, including Vlog to update beauty subject and lifestyle. This is perfect for people who love to watch a relaxing review that provides many makeup looks for you to do at home. 

For people who can’t decide which style you like but love to do makeup the same as your favorite artists, this channel is recommended for you to subscribe. Soundtiss Channel will do makeup from the characters of the celebrities such as hairstyle, clothes and makeup looks. This channel owner also loves to do Cosplay from anime and games. You can follow her steps while you watch. It is easy to understand and you will get good tips from every video of this channel. This is one of the most content channels with entertainment.

This channel is about the Western makeup styles. This channel will update you all about makeup such as how to do a hot-girl makeup and tips for doing makeup. Highlights for this channel is entertaining contents for products reviewing, including lifestyle.

When it comes to Western makeup style, EYETA is one of the channels that we cannot miss talking about. EYETA is a Thai girl with a vibe of western girls, including makeup style and dress-up style. This channel provides fierce makeup looks, skincare products and cosmetics reviews. Anyone who looks for beauty items or cosmetics should not miss this channel.

Let’s finish with a queen of beauty and fashion with Nisamanee.Nutt channel! This channel provides techniques to do makeup and also do makeup the same as the original celebrities. It is also known for its weirdness and abnormality. Anyone who looks for advanced makeup should subscribe to this channel. 

Each channel has its own charm. Anyone who is interested in doing makeup can choose to watch from these channels as your preference. It is guaranteed that you will have more makeup skills. 

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