Tourist attraction on Thonburi Side to enjoy all day!

Anyone who has no idea about where to go on holidays or looking for activities to do, we would like to recommend you to go to the Thonburi side of Bangkok. There are many places to take a picture for people who live far away from bangkok or do not come to Bangkok often. It is full of tourist attractions, restaurants, and souvenir shops. You will be surely impressed. Today, ACU will take you to beautiful tourist attractions in Thonburi. Let’s go!

1. Wat Paknam Bhasi Charoen

Wat Paknam Bhasi Charoen is another ancient temple on the banks of the Bangkok Yai Canal. The highlight of this place is the Great Buddha statue in Meditation Posture, which is as tall as a 20-story building. It is also the site of the Buddha’s relics enshrined in the Phra Buddha Dhammakaya Thepmongkol. Built to be offered as a Buddhist offering, Dharma worship, and Buddhist priest worship. It is recommended to go by boat where you can take a photo when the boat goes near the Great Buddha statue.

2. Lhong 1919

A popular place for teenagers. It is also an important historical tourist attraction. There is ancient Chinese architecture for tourists to take pictures, visit and have Chinese-style restaurants and drinks. It is one of the places to go and check-in.

3. Taling Chan Floating Market

Come by and buy something from local people to eat. This is still Thailand’s original identity, which is quite rare in modern times, and the lifestyle of waterfront residents who have many delicious restaurants on land and boats. You can also choose to eat, shop and enjoy seafood including grilled fish, grilled shrimp, and crab, with spicy seafood sauce.

4. Wang Lang Market

One of the popular places for people who love to eat delicious food. This is the right place for you. There are so many famous restaurants at Wang Lang such as Orathai Sushi Wang Lang, Khun Dang Guaw Jub Yuan, Baan Zapp, Moo Tod Chaowang, and Aunt Tim Broken Barrel behind Siriraj Hospital.

5. Artist House

Artist House Khlong Bang Luang is an old community along the water. It is a collection of art, culture, and all branches of it. There are also Khon art performances and Thai puppet theater that are very difficult to see these days. Anyone can visit this place because it’s free of charge and anyone who wants to enjoy the art is recommended here. Make sure to make time and come here. The Artist House will be open every day from 10.00 – 6.00 p.m.

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