10 souvenirs from Thailand that foreigners like

When foreigners come to Thailand, they have to buy something from Thailand as a souvenir for sure. Today, ACU PAY gathered 10 souvenirs from Thailand that foreigners would buy and bring back with them to be a guideline for anyone who is looking for souvenirs for foreign friends. What are they? Let’s see.

1. Inhalers and Balms

A life-saving item that all Thais must carry with them. It is essential to help in relieving dizziness and a stuffy nose. In addition to POY-SIAN inhaler, Hongthai inhaler has made a reputation for foreigners around the world through famous Thai K-pop singers such as Lisa of Blackpink and Minnie of (G) I-DLE who are fascinated by the identity of HongThai Inhaler until they completely out of the market for a while.

2. Thai Tea Powder

Traveling to Thailand, but not drinking Thai tea is considered that you are not arriving in Thailand. Guarantee that if you buy it as a souvenir, foreigners will be attracted by the unique taste of sweet and mellow. Also, the price of Thai tea sold overseas is still high, so it is no wonder why foreigners buy to stock it.

3. Snacks

Another thing that cannot be missed for foreigners is Thai snacks such as bento, crispy squid with a spicy taste that many people love, FF, sweet and sour tomato snacks, Pretz or Lays which the tastes are in Thailand only. You should buy some for your foreign friends.

4. THAI Royal Chitralada Milk Tablets

Even Thais are impressed by the taste of the Milk Tablets with  a strong taste of milk. No wonder why foreigners, especially Chinese people, have to buy the THAI Royal Chitralada Milk Tablets back to their country.

5.Instant Noodle

Of course, if foreigners do not taste the Thai instant noodles, it is like they have not actually arrived in Thailand. The recommended flavor must be TomYumKung, Thai’s most famous menu. The taste of TomYumKung is liked by many foreigners and it is also easy to find. Foreigners who do not know how to cook TomYumKung can taste the flavor of it from instant noodles as well.

6. Pain relief patch

One of the wonderful items in our home is a pain relief patch, no matter where it hurts, if you put the patch over the area, the pain will disappear. This feature makes it very popular among Chinese tourists.

7. Elephant Pants

If you do not know which clothes you will buy as souvenirs that also represent Thai, Elephant Pants is an interesting option. Foreigners who come to Thailand often buy them. In addition to having a pattern that shows Thai identity, it is also a stretchy pants that can be worn comfortably on any occasion. It is also inexpensive and cute.

8.Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Classic

One of the items that has been a great help to Thais since long ago. This classic formula is perfect for the hot weather in Thailand. No matter how hot the weather is, the cooling powder will relieve the heat. This item is very attractive to foreigners and it is like a magic item for them as well.

9.Dried fruit

Crispy vegetables or dried fruit like dried durian, king of fruit, is also an interesting option because it will be difficult to preserve if you buy them fresh fruits and vegetables. Crispy or dried fruits and vegetables will be a great choice and will make them eat unstoppably. 

10. Parrot Soap Bar

from the soap bars sold in grocery stores in upcountry, to be the soap bar that is loved by many foreigners with the scent of Thai’s flower and herbs such as Unique Botanical Fragrance, Jasmine Fragrance, Rose Fragrance, Florals Fragrance, Scent Wood, Frangipani Fragrance, Wild Orchid Fragrance and Classic cool. 

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