11.11 from the National Singles Day festival to a world-class shopping event

Apart from normal discounts provided by shops, each month, there is a Double Day such as 9.9/ 10.10/ or 11.11 when shops will offer a great deal of discounts for customers like us.

Did you know that promotions on the Double Day originate from 11.11 which is China’s Singles Day Festival. Where does this kind of marketing come from and how does it affect Thai’s e-commerce? ACU PAY will explain it for you.

What is the origin of 11.11 The Singles Day festival

The Double Day 11.11 was not the day of the shopping event in the first place, it came from ‘The Singles Day’ started by a group of Chinese college students in 1990. Number 1 has a similar meaning to someone standing alone. When a number 1 is arranged in this way, it is called “completely single.” and became the national culture of China.

From normal day to national shopping event

Singles Day is held to give a chance for those single people to hang out or have a date with others to get to know each other. When this festival became more popular, many shops in China offered promotions to welcome Singles Day such as eating for free if you come alone or special discounts for single people. 

Jack Ma and Daniel Zhang, founders and CEO of Alibaba Group,  saw the opportunity and the purchasing power of ‘single people’. Thus, they promoted Singles Day to be a great shopping day called ‘Single Day Sale’ in 2009. There were promotions from the first second of Singles Day till the end of the day. 

From the beginning of 11.11 in Tmall, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform at that time, the knockout sale festival on Chinese Singles Shopping Day has resulted in Tmall’s sales of 52 million yuan in one day, 10 times higher than usual.

Nowadays, the 11.11 festival has been a huge success because all Alibaba platforms have achieved sales of 1 trillion baht in just 24 hours. Since then, online sales sites in China need to come up with promotions to cut prices on the day.

The success of the Singles Shopping Day has become a tradition or now we may have to call it ‘culture’ because the promotions on Double Day can be seen from around the world, including Thailand. 

11.11 festival from China to retail sales in Thailand

The 11.11 culture has affected the retail industries in many countries of Southeast Asia such as Thailand which has a war of e-commerce business between Alibaba and Lazada and the major competitor is Shopee which launches promotions continuously.

In the past few years. retail shops and e-commerce in Thailand have received a culture of 11.11 to boost the sales. There is not only 11.11 but also 8.8, 9.9, 10.10 and so on. 

Currently, 11.11 is not only a shopping day for single people but also a shopping day for people all over the country. It is undeniable that this culture builds a new standard for consumers. Every month that has Double Day will encourage consumers like us to wait to pick the items until our basket is full.

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