The famous Thai Desserts Menu original from ‘Thao Thong Kip Ma’

talk about the drama trend that is popular again, it would be nothing but the historical drama called “Love Destiny 2”, a sequel to “Love Destiny”, which makes Thai food and Thai costume trends become active again.

This time, ACU PAY will talk about one of the characters in the story “Love Destiny 2” that is famous in history named “Thao Thong Kip Ma”, who created many kinds of Royal Thai desserts that have been inherited until now.

History of Thai Desserts Queen

“Thao Thong Kip Ma” was formerly known as “Maria Guyomar de Pinha” or some may called ‘Marie Guimar’ She is a Christian of Portuguese, Bengal, and Japanese descent. At the age of 16, Guimar married “Chao Phraya Wichayen” or “Constantine Phaulkon,” a Greek nobleman who served during the reign of King Narai the Great of Ayutthaya.

However, the glorious life was extinguished when her husband, Phraya Wichayen, was sentenced to death and forfeiture of royal decree after the riots just a few days before the end of King Narai The Great’s reign. Marie Guimar was in a state of poverty, suffering from severe hardship and sorrow.

She suffered imprisonment and also had to face harassment from Luang Sorasak (Phra Chao Suea), the son of King Phetracha, the new land King who was fascinated by her appearance and wanted to take her as a wife, but she didn’t want to, so it turned to a hateful and feud.

After Thao Thong Kip Ma was in dire straits, she wrote a letter in Latin and sent it to the French priest for the priest to give a letter to King Louis XIV, forcing the French East India Company to pay the shares of Chao Phraya Wichayen who had invested in it back to Thao Thong Kip Ma. This evidence was recorded on June 20, 1706(2249 B.E.), which was the land during the reign of Phra Chao Suea.

The account of Monsieur Chaumont, a Frenchman who entered Siam in B.E.2262 – 2267 provides information that after the end of Phra Chao Suea’s reign, Madame Phaulkon’s life has improved, respectively. King Thaisa ( Phra Chao Suea’s eldest son) ordered Madame Phaulkon to serve in the inner court. Appointed her to take care of the royal silverware and goldware and be the head of collecting His Majesty’s clothing with more than 2,000 woman subordinates.

Thao Thong Kip Ma performed her duty honestly. Return a larger sum of money to the treasury once a year until it was favored by the King, including her son George, who is still alive, because King Taisa was pleased to keep George close to himself.

In 2260 B.E, the French government decided to grant her the Phalkon’s income. After misery from bad deeds, Thao Thong Kip Ma spent the rest of her life practicing strict religious activities with her daughter-in-law Louisa Passagna, Constantine’s widow, and passed away in 2265 B.E.

During her time in the royal palace, Thao Thong Kip Ma created many sweets by adapting them from Portuguese recipes into Thai desserts by combining original foods with local ingredients. She also taught baking knowledge to women in the palace until it became a recipe that was widely distributed and passed on to later generations. It is one of the Portuguese cultures that has spread into Thai society.

The famous Thai Desserts Menu

  1. Thong Yip (Pinched Gold Egg Yolk): A flower-shaped dessert made of duck eggs and syrup has an auspicious meaning of wealth and money.
  2. Thong Yod (Golden Drop): A circle-shaped dessert with a sweet flavor is made of duck eggs, flour, and sugar. It means that you will be rich forever.
  3. Thong Phlu: A fried flour with a round shape like drops of water, golden yellow, smooth skin. Inside is a wide cavity. It tastes sweet and slightly salty. The outside texture is soft like an eclair fried in a hot pan.
  4. Thong Prong: A boat-shaped dessert is made of egg yolk. Beat the eggs until fluffy with sugar, mixed with wheat flour. It has a smooth yellow color. The outer is crispy and the inside has wid cavity. When eaten after freshly baked, there will be sugar oozing out. 
  5. Thong Muan (Thai crispy roll): Crispy dessert with the main ingredients are flour, coconut, palm sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, and black sesame. The color is similar to gold. So it’s called golden rolls.
  6. Foi Thong (Golden thread): Foi Thong Thai long treads desert is stacked together in a raft made of yellow yolk. It is often used in various auspicious events, especially weddings, where the process must be made into long threads to mean reigning in love and dominion as long as the line of Foi thong
  7. Curry puff: Western food mixed with Indian food. It is expected to be adapted from Portuguese pastry, pastel, which is a crispy dough that is stuffed with meat and various curry powder filling. 
  8. Khanom Mor Kaeng (Thai custard cake: The Thai version of custard) consists of eggs, flour, and coconut milk, making it look liquid, and requires an earthenware pot to steam it. This may be the origin of the name of the The Thai version of custard consists of eggs, flour, and coconut milk, making it look liquid, and requires an earthenware pot to steam it. This may be the origin of the name of the Khanom Mor Kaeng..
  9. Sticky rice and Thai custard: A dessert wrapped in banana leaves, inside there is sweetened sticky rice with the face of Thai-style sweet egg on top which has a sweet and gentle scent that many people are fond of.
  10. Khanom Ping: An ancient Khanom Phing is made of flour, sugar, yolk, and coconut milk and then baked from top and bottom until crispy. The word ping comes from putting the dessert on fire to cook.
  11. Sam Pan Nee (Thai Melting-Moment Cookies): Samphanni is considered an auspicious snack in Thailand because the name means “beloved”. In the past, women used to cook this dessert for their loved ones when they went to war because Sam Pan Ni can be kept for a long time and when they ate it, they smelled the good fragrance and the sweetness tasted in it.
  12. Kanom Khing: Ginger-shaped, sweet-flavored dessert made from fried dough and sprinkled with sugar, wait until sugar sticks together. Sweet, salty, and fragrant fried dough. Most Thai Muslims make this dessert for afternoon tea.
  13. Sweet potato Balls: ‘Quail Egg Snack’, also known as ‘Turtle Egg Snack’, is a dessert that contains sweet potatoes, kneaded with coconut milk and flour, added sugar, molds a small chunk and fry it in oil. The outside will be crispy and a nice hole inside.
  14. Luk Chup (Deletable Imitation Fruits): Soybean bread is molded into various fruit shapes coated with bright jelly powder that everyone is familiar with. In the past, almonds were used mainly, but in Thailand at that time, almonds were a rare ingredient. Therefore, the formula was adapted and became green beans instead.

However, some data by Predee Phisphumvidhi, a professor at the Faculty of Humanities at Burapha University, revealed that Portuguese snacks were widespread along with people of Portuguese descent who lived in Ayutthaya more than 150 years before Thao Thong Kib Ma was born.

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