13 Ways to Make You Sleep Easy and Sleep Well

Anyone who cannot sleep or is struggling to fall asleep please come this way! Sleeping is an important matter. Today, ACU PAY has ways to help you guys fall asleep easily. These ways are not difficult and simple to follow.

1. Regular exercise

It stimulates blood flow, relieves muscle tension. During exercise, the body temperature rises by 2-4 degrees. After exercising, the body temperature returns to normal, which can cause sleepiness and improve sleep. Also, exercise stimulates the body to release hormones of happiness. However, you should exercise before bedtime for at least 3 hours.

2.Take a hot shower or baht before going to sleep

Warm water helps balance blood circulation and relaxation. In addition, taking a warm bath can help you sleep easier and sleep better.

3. Change the lights to warm white light

Warm white light or orange-yellowish will help create a relaxing atmosphere. It will make you feel warm and stimulate a desire to rest.

4. Do yoga

It is a type of yoga that focuses on determining the breath to reduce tension.

5. Meditate

Lie down and meditate, determine the breath in and out so that the mind does not get distracted thinking about other things. The ancient method that has been traditionally used is counting sheep.

6. Do not change sleeping posture

If you know that you can’t sleep, try to concentrate and don’t change your sleeping posture because it will keep your body awake.

7. Roll eyes

Lie down, close your eyes, and slowly roll your eyes about 3 times. The brain then sends out more melatonin which helps to fall asleep easily.

8. Put your feet out of the blanket

Since a person’s feet can help cool off the body, making it easier to sleep.

9. Let oneself on

 Don’t overthink. Stop thinking about everything, and every problem, and let’s just think about restarting tomorrow.

10.Set one's bedroom in proper

 Keeping your bedroom clear, comfortable, and well-ventilating will make it easier to sleep.

11.Do not force yourself to fall asleep

If you try everything for about 30 minutes and still are not likely to be sleepy. Get up and do activities such as reading a book or writing a diary to relieve stress and then go back to sleep.

12. Aroma Scent

The aroma scent of aroma oil helps to relax your mind and at the same time creates an atmosphere for concentration, making it easier to sleep, deep sleep throughout the night, and wake up refreshed.

13.See a doctor

If you have tried everything mentioned above but sleeping is still difficult for you. It is recommended that you see a doctor to get treatment in the next step

Cannot sleep or lack of sleep for a long time will result in worsening immune function and is also vulnerable to hypertension, diabetes, high blood fat, and easy to gain weight. For anyone who cannot sleep, try applying these methods, or if anyone else has other methods that work well, you can leave comments if you want to share them.

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