3 ways to survive, Run-Hide-Fight when in a dangerous situation

When dangerous events can occur at any time around us without us knowing where is safe and where is not, which can be noticed from shocking news in the department store recently. Thus, knowing how to survive in a critical situation will help us know how to cope and ultimately find a way to survive. The way to survive is called Run-Hide-Fight which ACU PAY will explain to you.

Let’s get to know about Active Shooter Situation first. 

What is an Active Shooter?

On a normal daily day that we are familiar with, the Active Shooter may occur without us knowing. Active Shooter is primarily intended for massacre and perpetrators often do it for revenge, which is not limited to the use of firearms only. It may be knife use or driving and hitting the victim. There are three elements of the incident:

  • Perpetrators such as there may be mental disorders, emotional vulnerability, drug addiction, or the need to seek social attention.
  • External factors such as social, corporate, and family stimulation, exploitation, or paranoia.
  • The circumstances at the scene which may cause an immediate response may have caused the unsub to change his motive for self-defense.

So when an Active Shooter occurs, although we cannot control the perpetrator to stop, we can add more shields through “Run-Hide-Fight”

What does Run-Hide-Fight mean?

“Run-Hide-Fight” is an international principle used by the FBI and law enforcement agencies in many countries to guide people to survive a mass shooting. Thai authorities have repeatedly rehearsed their plan to confront the incident, especially after the shooting at department stores, schools, shops, and other public places, causing many casualties and injuries.

1. ‘Run’ if possible

  • Stay calm, and look for a route to escape to the safe place
  • All Entrances-Exits and Emergency Exits should be memorized
  • Leave all unnecessary things 
  • Help others as you can

2. ‘Hide’ if you cannot escape

  • When you cannot escape, find a safe place to hide 
  • Lock the door and put things to obstruct the way
  • Hide behind or under big and strong items such as tables or walls
  • Turn off the lights and your smartphones
  • No talking or using any voices

3. ‘Fight’ is the last choice

  • Use an ambush to keep the perpetrators out of sight
  • Gather manpower and fight with all your might
  • Use everything you found as weapons
  • Fight to the best of our ability to make the perpetrators lose a chance to escape

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