Party lovers may be shocked! Let’s take a look at ‘Calories’ in alcoholic drinks

Any party lovers who love to hang out may be facing problems with increasing body weight, right? It is not surprising because alcoholic drinks contain quite a lot of calories. As a result, you will gain weight if you intake those drinks unlimitedly. How many calories does each alcoholic drink contain? Also, ACU PAY provides you with some tips about how to drink alcoholic beverages without getting fat. Let’s start

Tips on how to drink alcoholic drinks without getting fat

In a day, the amount of calories needed for a woman is approximately 1,500 – 2,000 calories and 2,000 – 2,500 calories for a man. However, there are some other related factors such as age, gender, and weight which make each of us need different amounts of calories within a day.

However, the rest of the nutrients we eat in our daily lives, both the flour and sugar we get from our meals are usually processed into body fat. If we intake alcoholic drinks, the energy consumed will be even more than the body needs and accumulate as fat, especially in the belly.

If we calculated the amount of calories in a can of beer, it would be around 148 kilocalories. Nevertheless, we will not stop drinking after one can of beer according to our drinking behavior, right? We may drink up to 4 cans of beer which means that our body receives a total amount of energy about 592 kilocalories, excluding calories from food eaten with alcoholic drinks, fried food and greasy food that we ate while drinking alcohol. 

The caloric content of alcohol in a drink

  • A can of Beer (350 ml) The caloric content is 148 kcal
  • A bottle of Soju (360 ml) The caloric content is 408 kcal
  • A bottle of Sake (180 ml) The caloric content is 187 kcal
  • A bottle of Liqueur (700 ml) The caloric content is 1,400 – 1,550 kcal
  • A glass of Vodka (45 ml) The caloric content is 97 – 166 kcal
  • A glass of Whisky (45 ml) The caloric content is 97 – 166 kcal
  • A glass of Tequila (45 ml) The caloric content is 98 kcal
  • Wine (100 ml) The caloric content is 83 kcal

Tips on how to drink alcoholic drinks without getting fat

To avoid gaining weight from drinking alcohol, it is recommended to try these tips.

1. Choices of food eaten with alcoholic drinks

The food eaten with alcoholic drinks is one of the factors that make us gain weight such as fried chicken, fried spicy pork ball salad, french fries, or fried cheese ball. It is better to eat some healthy food before drinking alcohol. If you want to eat food with alcoholic drinks, choose to eat roasted, steamed, or grilled food instead such as grilled fish, steamed fish served with spicy sauce or spicy salad.

2. Drink alcoholic drinks alternately with water

For anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages often but is afraid to gain weight, it is recommended to drink 1 glass of alcoholic drink alternately with 1 glass of water. It will prevent us from drinking too much and not getting drunk easily

3. Should not drink alcohol while your stomach is empty

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause us to get drunk easily and trigger hypoglycemia, which leads to an increased appetite for food and snacks, becoming fat accumulated in our bellies.

4. Reduce the Alcohol by volume (ABV)

Try drinking light beer or alcoholic drinks with a low alcohol level. If there isn’t any, try adding soda into the drinks to reduce the intensity of alcohol level. However, be careful about mixers and other additives because those usually contain a lot of sugar content and can make us fat. 

5. Do exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps burn calories and keep your weight normal, including exercises such as cardio, strength training, and flexibility in your daily routine. Regular exercise helps balance the excess calories consumed from beer.

The importance of drinking alcohol without getting fat is to know moderation. We can drink but not too much. Maintain a balanced lifestyle and we can live a happy life of health and happiness.

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