5 Posture to say goodbye to double chin to have a slim face!

V-Shape face is a dream face for many girls but the chubby fat under our chin or called double chin make girls worry. Today, ACU PAY would recommend 5 poses for you to say goodbye to your double chin and have a slim face.

What is the cause of double chin?

Double chin is caused by accumulation of fat under the chin and skin degradation with age. Most of them are caused by increased body weight, increased fat buildup, and lifestyle habits such as lying and using a cell phone, causing us to press our face down regularly until we have a fold under the chin which can also cause us a double chin unconsciously.

Chin Lift

Let’s start with the first pose which is considered the most basic one that anyone who wants to reduce the double chin needs to do. If you want to reduce the fat that is packed into a double chin, we recommend starting with this pose.

How to do

  1. Sit with your back straight, your eyes straight ahead.
  2. Keep your chin up until you feel stiff around your neck.
  3. Hold your posture for 20-30 seconds and relax.

Fish Face

It is a posture that helps manage the muscles in the cheek area and the chin to be tighter. Especially those who have slackness of cheek muscles, which makes it a double chin, are highly recommended to do this pose.

How to do

  1. Sit with your back straight, turn your head all the way up until your neck feels stiff.
  2. Purse your lips up and hold it for a moment, then loosen it.
  3. Repeat 2 sets 20 times each.

Side Neck Stretch

The stretching posture of the side neck muscles not only helps to reduce double chin but also helps relieve pain from sitting on a computer screen for a long time.

How to do

  1. Sit with your back straight, your eyes straight ahead.
  2. Lean your head to the right as much as you can. If you can’t, you can reach out with your left hand to grab the area of your right ear and press your head down until you feel tension in the side neck.
  3. Hold the posture for about 20-30 seconds and loosen it, then switch sides.

Slap your ChinSlap your Chin

The chin slapping not only reduces the double chin but also helps to break down the fat under the chin well.

How to do

  1. Sit back straight, face straight, and raise your head until you feel stiff around your neck. 
  2. Slap your double chin with the back of your hand near your fingers lightly, slowly, and then speed up.
  3. Do it for 20-30 seconds in a row, then loosen your posture, and then start again.

Rolling neck or Neck Roll

Rotating posture of the neck next to the chest helps to stretch muscles and also helps to break down fat around the neck and under the chin.

  1. Sit with your back straight, your eyes straight ahead
  2. Turn your neck to the right in a circular fashion five times and return to the beginning.
  3. Start over by turning the neck on the left side five more times, then loosen the posture.

Everyone already knows about postures to say goodbye to double chin, so please do as mentioned. It may take time and consistency to do it, so the fat or excess meat can disappear and be reduced somewhat. Don’t forget to eat healthy food and exercise regularly to help reduce your body fat, not only to lower your chin but also to avoid obesity.

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