7 most popular Thai dishes and be famous abroad!

Our Thai dishes are a delight to many foreigners with the unique taste, delicate cooking methods, and the ingredients used in making them must be especially attentive. These are the charms of Thai dishes that people around the world love. Today, ACU PAY will give examples of Thai dishes that are famous abroad. Let’s go.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai’s unique identity makes this dish the number one Thai food that foreigners want to taste the most. It is considered a menu that foreign tourists who come to Thailand must eat. With soft and sticky noodles which is complemented by dried shrimp, peanuts, eggs, pickle turnip, bean sprouts, and fresh vegetables, this dish is perfect for the taste. Another thing that makes Pad Thai famous is that Pad Thai is a street food menu that can be easily found on the streets and is also cheap and delicious.

Green curry

Another basic dish that tourists who come to Thailand are considered unreached to Thailand if they don’t try it. because it is easy to eat and can be enjoyed with both rice and Thai rice noodles. The highlight is the sweet and mellow coconut milk. The ingredients are pleasing to foreigners and also make this Thai dish a unique taste. It also has a taste that is not too spicy, so foreigners who do not like spicy food can eat easily without boredom.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Kung is an all-time hit menu that perfectly indicates Thai identity. If a friend is a foreigner, this menu is considered a signature menu that should not be missed. The broth has the scent of herbs and has a strong spicy taste which is a good contrast to the sweetness of large fresh shrimp filled with Thai herbs including Galangal, lemon grass, and kaffir lime leaves that are good for your health. Thumbs up to this dish!

Tom Kha Gai aka Thai chicken coconut soup

The menu is similar to Tom Yum Kung but the difference is that there is coconut milk added in it and there are both young galangal and old galangal to help in seasoning. Tom Kha Gai will have coconut milk involved in the broth to give it a delicious, sweet, and very mellow taste. It is considered a food that is not as spicy as Tom Yum Kung, so it is very popular among foreigners.

Papaya salad

The most popular menu from Issan, Thailand! There are many flavors available such as Papaya salad in Thai Style, Papaya salad with salted crab, spicy bean salad, spicy cucumber salad, Corn salad, and Tam Korat. Each type varies according to the ingredient, but foreigners can’t miss papaya salad in Thai Style. Papaya is chopped in line plus, tomatoes, cow-pea, carrots, and peanuts are perfect for adding flavor to this spicy dish.

Pork Panang Curry

Thai best selling food is very popular and easy to find.Pork Panang Curry is made from the use of pork slices and stir-fry them to match the curry paste with kaffir lime leaves, spur chili, basil, and that’s indispensable is coconut milk. When you eat it, you will have a smooth, sweet, delicious taste. It is popular with hot rice.

Chicken Mussaman Curry

Another menu that has been ranked as the world’s most delicious food. Even though the menu has a red color, it tastes sweet and soft. It is made from long hours of stewing until it reaches its unique aroma, adding to the flavor to have a mellow taste. If you eat chicken and potato together, the taste will even get sweeter, this menu is not to be missed!

These are the 7 most popular Thai dishes that are also famous abroad. Which of these dishes is your favorite? If you have foreign friends, do not forget to make them taste these dishes. Your friends will love it for sure.

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