5 Statistics on the use of social media in Thailand 2022

          5 statistics on using social media in Thailand from the Digital Stat 2022 report to learn about the behavior of Thai people on social media.

An overview of social media users in February 2022 in Thailand

    We can see that there are 56.85 million active social media users, an increase of 1.9 million from last year or 3.4%. The average daily usage time is 2 hours 59 minutes. Average usage time increased by 11 minutes in 2022, representing 6.5 %. It is noteworthy that the increase in usage time and the increase in users reflect that social media platforms can still grow in our homes.

1. Thailand's social media user statistics

    From the data, we can see that social media in Thailand from 2014 to 2022 is growing more and more. It is worth noting that from 2018 to the present, the growth rate has decreased. Is this evidence that, while social media is still growing, it will reach a saturation point in a few years or not?

2. Gen Y is the group that uses social media the most.

    From the data, we can see that the most active group is people aged 25–34 or Gen Y. If we look at the behavior in-depth, this group is becoming the majority in the workplace. And this group of people values their development. This group of people is in the transition between analog and digital. This issue is frequently used as the main focus for a brand by bringing features from the past to create or change new ways to become retro products. This is the novelty for this demographic.

    And this group of people is also more likely to marry late until they prefer a single life. Moreover, in sex life, this group of people is more gender diverse. Along with a more open society, singles and LGBTI people have gained a wider reputation. As a result, this group of people has become influential in all circles. Many new products and services have emerged to support their lifestyles. They have become a very attractive group for modern marketers and are known as the Dink (Double Income No Kid).

3. The top ten reasons Thais use social media

  1.  58.7% to keep in touch with friends and family.
  2. 44.2% read and follow new stories.
  3. 37.8% follow what is trending or what people in society are talking about.
  4. 37.2% to share ideas or comment on things.
  5. 35.0% find inspiration.
  6. 34.3% find something they want to buy or follow.
  7.  32.6% to avoid missing out on social trends.
  8. 29.7% to trade goods
  9. 29.7% to meet new people.
  10.  28.6% follow or search for content from brands

      It can be seen that the important thing that people use social media for is to communicate with friends and family. But, in the future, what do you think will be able to make our communication better than social media?

4. Social media platforms that Thai people like and use the most.

    From the data, Facebook is still the number one platform in Thailand. If we look back at the reasons, we can see that what makes Facebook number one is that it’s a platform that better meets our needs. But another thing is that although Facebook is ranked number 1, Facebook Messenger is less popular than Line, which is an application that focuses primarily on communication. It may be concluded that if it is for communication, it means that Line is an app that Thai people use more often.

5. The top 5 things that Thai people are most interested in.

  1. 49.6% follow friends, family, and acquaintances. 
  2. 37.4% subscribe to different TV programs or channels. 
  3. 36.5% follow celebrities and comedians. 
  4. 34.8% follow music groups, singers, and musicians. 
  5. 31.3% followed restaurants, chefs, and food.

Conclusion on 5 statistics on social media usage in Thailand in 2022.

    Most Thai people use Facebook to follow their friends, family, and acquaintances. And also used to follow the news, trending stories, celebrities, singers, etc. The people who use social media the most are people in GEN Y.

    The most popular communication application used by Thai people is the Line application, followed by Facebook Messenger.

    It also reflects that most Thais have access to social media more than 80% of the country’s population. which creates a connection with many people in society and is another tool that allows us to reach people thoroughly and effectively.

Lastly, do you think there will be a platform or something to replace these platforms? Or, will the existing platform develop in which direction?