5 Tricks to prevent creased make-up! Even when you are sweaty.

The problem for girls in summer is beautiful make-up creases during the day which make girls feel less confident. Today, ACU will share 5 tricks to prevent creased make-up to help you look good in every angle all day.

Clean you face clearly before doing make-up

If you do not clean your face clearly or incorrectly so that there is some dirt on your face, your makeup will eventually crease from your face during the day. Your makeup will be ruined or your face will get stained by the foundation even though your cosmetics are high in equality. Thus, cleanse your face with cleansing foam and wipe your face with toner to adjust your skin condition before doing makeup.

Apply primer before makeup application.

An item that should not miss out is Primer because it helps in blurring your pores and make your makeup last longer. It will protect your face from dirt and water which are the main factor for creased makeup. Apply it all over your face and leave it for 2-3 minutes to dry, then apply your foundation. Some primer formulas will help in adjusting your facial skin to be smoother and brighter so that your face will be more beautiful when you apply makeup.

Choose waterproof cosmetic

Since Thailand’s weather is hot and sunny, creased makeup is unavoidable. Thus, you should buy cosmetics which are waterproof to help your makeup last longer and can endure with sweat. It will prevent your makeup from being ruined, especially eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. 

Avoid cosmetics containing oil.

You need to be more puristic in choosing makeup during summer. You should choose the cosmetic with the label “Oil-free” which is a cosmetic without containing any oil. Especially those makeup bases such as foundation, base or pressed powder. Those oil-free cosmetics will help your face to look smoother and prevent the cause of comedones. 

Using mineral spray

Using mineral spray or setting spray will make your makeup last longer. You can spray all over your face before or after doing makeup. It not only helps in soothing your face but also locks your makeup to last longer and helps in preventing oily face during the day. Just spray it lightly before going out. You will see a big difference compared to when you are not using mineral spray. 

These tips will definitely help girls. You can try them out to make your makeup last for all day.

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