Interesting Chinese Series! Full of fun and emotions

Ni Hao! Most people might have a plane to travel for up-coming holiday. Nevertheless, some might have no plan to go anywhere and choose to stay at home but maybe feel too lonely and have no more Korean Drama to watch. Today, ACU will take you across the Great Wall of China and land in dragon land. The series which is chosen for you are from every category which is not only famous in China but also internationally as well. Let’s see what those series are, shall we?

Go Go Squid

A series which is a hot trend right at the moment with a high rating. The main story line of this series is gaming. This series will talk about Thong Nian, an IT student girl who loves cover-dance and anime but fell in love with Han San Yian, an E-sport gamer who is cold. Both of them help each other to reach their goal. The chemistry between the lead actor and lead actress is so good.

Falling into Your Smile

Another series for those who love E-Sport with the series name Falling into Your Smile which is about love and friendship. The story is about Thong Yao, a gamer girl with talent who was invited to join ZGDX Team which is in the top of the country. However, the beginning for girls in the E-sport world is not easy, she has to face challenges, pressure and burdens. Nevertheless, she has got support from her teammate and developed her relationship with Lu Si Cheng as well. Can she and her teammate eventually be the champ of the competition? You should watch and find out the answer yourself. 

Love Scenery

This is a romantic-comedy series that tells the age-difference love story between Liang Cheng, a sweet-voice singer, and Lu Jing, A fourth-year student in computer science and the top gamer in the game industry. He fell in love with Liang Cheng since high school and finally got a chance to meet and develop their relationship through gaming. This lovely story comes with beautiful OSTs. You may have a lot of music added in your playlist after watching this series.

Go Ahead

This is a romantic-drama series about the relationship among 3 siblings from different families with some reason to live together. Even though they are not related by blood, they reflect their love and connection through problems. Let’s support them and wish for their best together!

Under the Power

Let’s move to the investigated costume series with the Under the Power series. During the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi the protector was assigned to investigate the embezzlement of river funds at Yangzhou. He accidentally gets some help from Yuan Jin Xia, a woman buster of Liu San Men that will lead them to be accidentally involved with each other. This series contains a lot of flavor, including love, resentment and politics. 

Love Between Fairy and Devil

This is a fantasy series about god. This is a must for everyone to watch. It tells the story of Tong Fang Ching Chang, the Devil King and Xiao Lan Hua, a flower fairy. The CG in this series is awesome and the OST is also beautiful. The chemistry between the lead actor and actress is also good.

Joy of Life

This series cannot be left out. This is an action series about politics in a period vibe. The story line is intense. The story runs with the main character Fan Xian,  an intelligent man who takes a defensive course and learns about poison at a young age. Until one day he has to face the assassination which makes him leave his peaceful life and face a political fight. Importantly, Xiao Zhan, a favorite actor in Thai people’s heart starring in this series as well 

What is your opinion about the recommended series? I can assure you that those series are fun and interesting. You should watch them to prevent yourself from boredom. Anyone with other series can share!

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