5 ways to restore broken cosmetics to look new again!

Girls will experience cosmetic problems. For example, eyeliner can’t write well, accidentally drop powder cartridges or even the mascara that was used until they ran out, but then the color got dry because it didn’t close properly. Today, ACU PAY will talk about ways to restore our broken cosmetics to look new again.

1. How to fix broken powder cartridges, blush and eyeshadow

How many times your heart has been broken with the unintentional dropping of cosmetics that cause them to be broken. It is easy to fix those broken cosmetics by scooping out all of the broken product and ground it thoroughly with a spoon to make it stick together. Then, spray or add a few drops of alcohol, mix it with a spoon or a cotton bud and put it back in the package. Scrape off to make it even and leave it for a night to let all of the alcohol dry out. Then, you can use it again. 

2. Broken lipsticks

Have you ever broken your favorite lipstick while using it? Some think you can buy a new one but some lipstick is in the collection that will not reproduce again or you think it’s a waste of money to buy a new one. Do not worry, there are ways to reconnect the broken part with the remaining in the cosmetic package. 

Option 1: 

Connect the broken lipstick to the original trace, then use a hot air dryer to blow on the joint for about 10 seconds to melt both lipsticks into one body and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Option 2:

Use a lighter to heat the base of the broken side for about 2-3 seconds, then join the two lip parts and refrigerate them the same as option 1. 

3. The mascara is hard, dry, colorless.

There are 2 ways to restore your mascara and eyeliner back to life. 

Option 1:

Start by pouring hot water into a glass and then dipping the mascara for about 10 – 15 minutes. After that, the hard mascara slowly melts and can be used again.

Option 2:

Drop about a few drops of contact lens detergent, saline solution, skin oil, or aloe vera, then shake the mascara until it blends.

4.Lip gloss is dry, nearly run out

Girls whose lip gloss is dry or nearly run out please do not throw them away. You can still use that gloss by dipping lip gloss into hot water for a few minutes to melt it. 

5. Your nail polish is dry, hard

The recovery process is simple. Just soak the nail polish bottle in hot water and leave it melted, or use another method by dropping a few drops of contact lens detergent and then stirring it to mix. The old bottle of nail polish has been restored to its original function.

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