6 Strange business with good income in Thailand.

Have you ever noticed that careers with weird and crazy ideas turn out to make a lot of money? Today we gather all the strange businesses to inspire you to start your own business with your idea. 

1. Person who is hired to make a merit, offer an offering, and do online votive.

Most people in Thailand is Bhuddist and some of them really like to make merit. This business was started because of the notice in Pain Point in learning age, working age or old age that it is not convenient to go to the temple. However, making merit became easy because there are a lot of online platforms for this business to do. Whether making merit, you can choose which temple and which merit set you want to use in making merit. Some stores may have a package of “Making Merit Every Buddhist Day” by paying monthly or some have live broadcasts through various platforms as well.

2. Sleeper

In 2021, Mattress City Thailand Company hired sleeper which is about testing the quality of beds and doing research on the product. The main duty of the sleeper is to test various mattresses, report the result every morning, coordinate with relevant departments, review, describe features through reports or video clips.

Applicant’s qualifications are unlimited gender, 18-55 years old, work at 9.00 PM-7.00 AM for 5-6 days a week (every other Saturday.) Thai nationality, good personality, healthy, no history of illness affecting sleep, can sleep in different environments, and can sleep in different places.

The application for this campaign is now closed. For more information about the next campaign, please visit Mattress City Thailand.

3. Smeller

Environmental odor monitoring. Established by “The Department of Pollution Control” to act as a sniffer monitor and lead to the resolution of environmental odor complaints with a 600 baht in return per one odor. This profession has been in operation since 2013 and more than 10 generations of odor test volunteers have been trained. According to the announcement of the Pollution Control Board on the method of measuring odor intensity by SensoryTest, the “smell tester” who has been selected will be listed as the “smell tester” for 1 year. The qualification for the applicants is that it must be someone with a normal level of olfactory nerve. The entire olfactory test process must be completed within 24 hours in order for the odor analysis to be accurate.

4. Person who is hired to be in queue

This business is for people who have no time to buy it themselves because of personal business or high-cost merchants who want to sell the product in bulk. The price is around 500-1,000 baht per day

Another additional career that makes good money, but costs several hours of time per a job, whether it be a new launch band, a condo reservation, etc.

5. Person who is hired to sit in the new restaurant

If the new restaurant wants to attract more customers, they can hire people to eat & drink in the semi-bar restaurant. The shop owners will hire good-looking young people to sit in newly opened pubs/bars to attract customers. It can be said that they act like stand-ins to attract party-lovers to join in the pubs/bars. The price is 500-1,000 per night.

Ghost Tester

The owner of the dormitory suffers from having no tenants to rent the room because of the “person died unnaturally” incident. Even the tenants themselves are still hesitant about whether to rent this room or sell this house but it is too hard to sell. Try hiring a person to “test the haunted house” for a night. It may cause a return of tenants to rent a room.

It is the idea from Piyawat Kaewsiri, Self-painting artists who turn to sleeping in ghost houses for a second career. He will try to sleep in rooms and houses with a history of dead people to prove that there is no ghost. The price starts at 1,200 baht per night, some jobs earn 8,000 baht. Jobs are offered via a Facebook Page called Ghost Tester.

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