Where to contact if you face “A Financial Threat”?

There is a report about “criminals” on the news every day. The number of victims increases as well as the number of ways to deceive people.For example, victims will be tricked to transfer money, or install money-sucking apps, or criminals might pretend to be an agent from a state institution. Today we have gathered all of the bank’s channels to contact in case that you face financial fraud or you face a suspecting person who might be a criminal. It might not happen directly to you but it may happen to people around you or the one you love. 

Kasikorn Bank or KBANK

An incident center and a financial disaster information center, Kasikorn Bank.


Tel: 0-2888-8888 กด 001 (24 hours a day)


KBANK customers can contact to get information or to report if they face an incident about a call from someone pretending to be a bank officer or being damaged by criminals. 

Krung Thai Bank or KTB

A notification receiving center for victims of financial damage from a crime


Tel: 0-2111-1111 กด 108 (24 hours a day)


KTB customers who are at risk or are damaged can contact KTB Center for more information or report the incident.

Bank of Ayudhya or BAY

Krungsri Call Center Tel : 1572 press 5 (24 hours a day)


BAY customers who have a clue that they might be tricked or are damaged by the criminal can contact the Call Center for information or to report. 

Bangkok Bank or BBL

A notification receiving center for victims who were affected by the crime.


Tel: 1333 or  0-2645-5555 press*3 (24 hours a day)


BBL customers who are damaged or need help can contact the Call Center. 

Siam Commercial Bank or SCB

SCB Hotline Tel: .0-2777-7575 (24 hours a day)


SCB customers can call at this Hotline if there’s a suspect or a financial threat from a criminal.

Thai Thanachart Bank or TTB

TTB Contact Center Tel:1428 press 03 (24 hours a day)


TTB has established the hotline Contact center to help and provide advice for customers who suspect that they are deceived or are damaged by a criminal. 

Government Savings Bank or GSB

GSB Contact Center  Tel: 1115 press 6 (24 hours a day)


GSB customers can contact the contact center in case that they have suspicious transactions or are at risk of being deceived and might have lost their money from the GSB account.  

UOB Bank

UOB Call Center Tel: 0-2344-9555 (24 hours a day)


UOB customers can call the call center if they are damaged, deceived, or suspect money-losing risks.


CIMB THAI Care Center Tel: 0-2626-7777 press 00 (24 hours a day)


CIMB customers who are damaged from financial crime or suspect being in a financial crime situation can contact the care center for information or to report.

Kiatnakin Phatra Bank or KKP

KKP Contact Center Tel: 0-2165-5555


This contact channel for KKP customers who want to check, consult or ask about a fraudulent scheme.

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