Do these kinds of insurance exist?! Insurances that you may not know.

Speaking of insurance, people tend to pay more attention because of the awareness of unexpected incidents that may damage your assets. Also, people need insurance to insure their property such as cars and houses. However, do you know that the following insurances exist? These insurances are interesting options for you to insure your assets.

Online Shopping Insurances

Smartphones have played an important role in our daily lives. Every transaction can be done by one touch. However, there are some dangers that follow from using smartphones. This insurance will insure your online shopping in case that you do not get your purchased items, the items are missing or damaged, your money is robbed through an online platform, your personal information is stolen, sell items to customers but do not receive payment and cyber bullying. 

Income Compensation Insurance

Illness is something that is unpredictable. If you take a long time to recover, it might affect your income. This insurance will cover your income during hospital stay as an inpatient due to injury or illness (up to 365 days). Compensate income during hospital stay for intensive care ICU due to injury or illness (up to 30 days).

Flu, Dengue Fever and Mosquito-Borne Diseases Insurance.

There is a saying that says “A mosquito is more dangerous than a tiger”. Our country is in a tropical zone and Dengue Fever and Mosquito-Borne Diseases are the main factors that cause a lot of people to die. For example, Zika virus; ZIKV, Japanese encephalitis; JE, Chikungunya Virus Disease, and Malaria.

In addition, flu is a silent disease which comes along with Covid-19 for the last few years. The medical authorities have stated that if it is simultaneously with Covid-19 , the symptoms will be more severe. This insurance cost about hundreds but covers for the medical expenses and daily compensation. Even if you’re sick, it doesn’t affect the money in your pocket much.

Pet Insurance

Raising a pet is like raising a child. Maybe the cost for a pet’s medical is more expensive than a human’s. It would be better to have insurance for our beloved pet. The starting cost is just hundreds per day. It covers medical expenses, compensation for accidents, and expenses incurred in announcing the loss of pets, funeral or liability to outsiders.

Cyclists Insurance

Extreme sport lovers might like this insurance. Highlights of this insurance are for the medical treatment covering general accidents, damage to property from accidents while driving, and importantly, the protection of bicycles from accidents while driving.

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