6 Success-making routines of Billionaires that you can follow

Speaking of successful people, we may think of people who are successful in work, financial independence, and excellent time management. Have you ever wondered what the daily lives of these billionaires will be like? Is it different from ordinary people’s lives or not?

Rafael Badziag, the author of “The Billion Dollar Secret” spent 5 years in total having a private interview with 21 billionaires. He found that global billionaires have some significantly similar behaviors, and these habits don’t come from individual DNA, but ordinary people like us can use them to achieve success and wealth.


1.Get up early and get enough sleep

The thing that every billionaire does normally is “Get up early” and “Fully rest” Most of them wake up at 5.30 am to prepare for every mission. For example, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wakes up at 4.00 am. and goes to bed at 10.00 pm. He doesn’t let work interfere with his leisure time.

Getting up early allows you to have more time. You can plan or work without getting interrupted. In addition, the most important thing that you should know is that having less sleeping time does not make you more successful. A few billionaires require 3-4 hours of sleep, but most people can do their best after resting for 7-8 hours.  If you need more sleeping hours, go to bed earlier. 

2. Exercise regularly

“Exercising” is something that is often overlooked because people “have no time” to exercise. On the other hand, billionaires spend their time taking care of their health. They exercise seriously and regularly till it becomes their daily routine because they think their “body” is the most important that cannot be replaced. 

For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, will make time to run regularly. His goal is to run for 365 miles in a year or 1 mile in a day, while Bill Gates will spend an hour on a treadmill before breakfast along with learning new things from various videos.

3. Read a lot

No matter what interviews we read from any media, we find that they are in love with “reading” For example, Warren Buffett usually reads 500 pages per day or Bill Gates who reads at least 1 book per week or 4 books per month, equivalent to 50 books a year. 

Reading is the most worthwhile self-investment activity. Not only does it open up our world and expand our knowledge, reading can be fun if you read books that are not so serious like novels to add more imagination. 

4. Make to-do-list of dos and don’ts

It is a sure thing that everyone has the same amount of time and is limited. Those who can manage their time well tend to be more successful.  This is how billionaires manage their time. They will prioritize the most important task first to maximize the time and efficiency of work, including things that they should and shouldn’t do. Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook dress themselves in similar clothes every day so that they will not waste their time choosing clothes and can use that time for something else. 

5.Do what you love

Even though billionaires are rich from dedicating themselves to work, doing business, and developing themselves, they always give themselves some time to “rest” and “do what they love” since they view mentally health as important as physical health. Good health is a good cost in making money. 

For example, Grandpa Buffet will relax himself by playing his favorite musical instrument such as Ukulele or Bridge cards which would help him in training his brain and thoughts before going on the real battlefield.

6. ฝึกในการมีวินัย

One thing that many billionaires pay attention to is “Discipline” In sport, you cannot be a good runner if you do not have discipline to practice regularly. It is the same in life and work, people with discipline to overcome boredom are always successful.   

Of course, those billionaires are normal people who can be lazy and run out of inspiration, however, the difference is they are well aware of this matter and will not let themselves flabby and force themselves to get back at discipline again. 

Lastly, it doesn’t matter how complete or how many of those tasks or routines we have done, but most importantly, we are determined to do them even if we don’t feel like it.

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