NASA revealed that ‘UFO’ is not yet clear, but it does not rule out the possibility

The world is looking forward to a NASA statement on UAP or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. Currently, NASA said there is no clear evidence the discovery of a mysterious phenomenon such as UFO is related to aliens, but it did not deny the possibility by appointing its first UAP research director for further study.

There's no proof that aliens exist, but it's possible

On the night of September 14, 2013, the world-renowned space agency NASA issued its first official report on an investigation into the ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’ (UAP). NASA has assigned an independent committee to investigate the incident.

“Nasa’s independent study team found no evidence that UAP originated from extraterrestrial life, but we do not know what these UAPs are. NASA’s mission is to find the unknown, which I have said many times. We, NASA, are ready to reveal today, and we’re transparent about this,” said NASA director Bill Nelson.

Although this statement will not confirm whether extraterrestrial life exists because there is no evidence yet linked to or related to the origin of extraterrestrial life, NASA points out the importance that these mysteries can drive science forward by finding new techniques to gather information from all walks of life into a scientific analysis process.

The reason why it is not confirmed is because of limited information

The most important reason NASA is not able to summarize the incident is that it still lacks a large amount of information about the UAP or UFO phenomenon, most of which usually temporarily happens and comes from one-sided data. NASA itself has no specific means of detecting or measuring devices. NASA says this is a good opportunity to begin an active investigation of the mystery.

“At present, UAP data analysis is hampered by poor performance sensors, lack of repeated measurements, lack of device information and lack of basic data.”, stated the report, “Efforts to improve all aspects together are important, and NASA’s expertise should be comprehensively supported in all areas.”

NASA said that artificial intelligence and computer technology will be ‘important tools’ to detect UAPs, as well as creating a standardized database or system to collect data and organize reports on UAP findings from the public because currently, the data is quite scattered and incomplete.

However, NASA said that although new data, time and resources are shared to monitor UAP, it has no specific plan to study unexplained phenomena but will continue to focus on finding life on other stars.

Prepare to appoint a UFO study superintendent

However, NASA is preparing for the UAP by appointing a new director to oversee the research. Nevertheless, the new chief’s name is confidential because NASA claimed that members of the UAP research team had been intimidated and threatened before. In addition, in the press conference, no details of the work and any wages related to the director of the UAP Research Department were released.

Although there are no confirmed reports of extraterrestrial life, this first report is an important step that stimulates and responds to people’s doubts. This extraterrestrial life may not be just a general conspiracy theory but needs evidence to confirm the possibility according to scientific principles first.

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