Are you sick of traffic jams? Try swimming to work like the Swiss

If Thai people are asked how they travel when they go to work or get back home, many people say they travel by electric train, car, bus, or motorcycle, right? But if you ask the Swiss how they get home, they may say “Oh, I swam home.” This is not a joke from the Swiss but a real event that actually happened. Here, swimming after work to get back home is very common.

Switzerland is known for its dozens of beautiful lakes and rivers, perfect for summer swimming. The reason why the Swiss River is so good to swim in is that the water is in turquoise color which is caused by pieces of glacier that slowly sink and turn into pure water that often changes color according to the melting glaciers.

This phenomenon of swimming to get back home occurs in the summer of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Local people and tourists often come out to swim in the Aare and Rhine rivers. They often carry waterproof bags to carry their luggage and float it with them, which is very common, but while one side swims to relax, the other side swims instead of traveling on public transportation.

Evelyn Schneider-Reyes, one of the users of the water route to get back home, told local newspaper ‘Le News’ that it took her only 30 seconds to walk from her workplace to the river. She has an Aare Bag to carry clothes, smartphones, wallets, and shoes and then change into swimsuits and swim back home.

The Swiss lifestyle has become a buzz in the social world because TikTok users posted videos of their creative journey to work, there are more than 2 million people who have viewed and commented on it.

Many people have had a moment of culture shock over the Swiss people’s extreme commute to work. Swimming to work, Swiss people have a dry bag called ‘Wickelfisch’ to store their belongings. When they get out of the water, they use their belongings to wipe themselves and change back to normal clothes. Some people store their laptops or their backlog in wickelfisches. Before work or after work, adults, children, and dogs all go down and float along the Rhine River because of the strong currents.

With this relatively strong current, it’s like an accelerator that allows us to travel on the river without exerting any effortlessly. Even so, it can also be dangerous if swimmers do not know their route and do not follow the right swimming guidelines from local people but there’s nothing more to be happy about than a trip to work or home by floating on the river and enjoying the cityscape.

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