A natural attraction in China where you have to see it once

Many people, when they think of nature and beautiful architecture, often think about European countries, don’t they? But who knows that actually, we don’t have to fly far or spend a lot of money, we can experience the beautiful nature in Asian countries. One of the countries that is filled with history, culture, and painting-like nature is China.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Many people may be familiar with this picture of the sky-high sandstone mountain from the Avatar movie. This mountain is called Tianzi Shan or the mountain of the emperor which is a complex sequence of 3,000 peaks. The park is located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China. Zhangjiajie is China’s first park to be designated in 1982. It is a continuous protected forest area, about 1,290 meters above sea level, and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities.

The park is also filled with many endangered animals, including some that can only be found here. The famous endangered species here is the giant salamander, a large amphibian that likes to live in water and caves.

Tourists can take a bus ride to see the beautiful scenery with cool weather all year round and a scenic point to view the mountain peaks. The perfect season to visit Zhangjiajie is summer, autumn, winter and spring. It is not recommended to visit during the rainy season. 

In addition, Zhangjiajie National Park has many places for tourists to experience the beautiful atmosphere of nature such as Helong park, Huangsijai mountain, Heaven’s Door Mountain (Tianmen Shan), Yellow Dragon Cave (huanglong dong), Baofeng Lake, Shili Gallery and Golden Whip Stream.


Guilin, one of the major cities of Guangxi Province, is in southern China. It is the most beautiful city in China til it was nicknamed as a heavenly city on Earth. Guilin City is characterized by a pan-shaped plain area alternating with long mountain ranges and is filled with many limestone caves. 

One of the activities that you should not miss is the Li River cruise. Experience a natural viewing, with about 27,000 mountains lined with more than 400 kilometers of emerald green Li river which is ideal for relaxation. There are two types of cruising here: a cruise in Guilin only and another one is a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo with fresh air.

The perfect months to visit are from April to August. In addition, Guilin has many attractions such as elephant trunk hill, Reed Flute Cave, Silver pagoda – Golden pagoda, Mount Yao (Yaoshan), and Longsheng Rice Terrace.


Jiuzhaigou Park has been called a paradise park. It is a large natural conservation area in the north of Sichuan Province, about 500 kilometers from Chengdu. It is an A5-level Chinese tourist attraction and was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1992.

The recommended place is Five Flower Lake, located in Jiuzhaigou National Park. The lake is blue-green, and when sunlight hits the water’s surface, the lake’s watercolors glow rainbow colors, which are made up of calcium carbonate and glass-like aquatic plants reflecting nature’s beauty. 

In addition to the Five Colors Lake, there are also long lakes, Rhino Lake, Mirrors Lake, peacock lake, Pearl Shoal Waterfall, and Suzheng village. We’ll see the charm and beauty of Jiuzhaigou differently in each period, but the highlight period is autumn which is dazzled with leaves changing colors all over the valley.

Zhangye's Rainbow Mountains

Zhangye National Geological Park is located in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, northern China, with a territory of up to 300 square kilometers at an altitude of 2,000 – 3,800 meters above sea level

This park has a special wonder called “Rainbow Mountain,” also known as “Danxia Rainbow Mountain.” This mountain was formed by deposition after the great movement of the earth’s crust 24 million years ago, along with thousands of years of erosion by wind and rain, resulting in layered patterns that look like natural color streaks.

The beauty of the scenery itself makes the Danxia Rainbow Mountains run on a variety of world-class films. For anyone who would like to take pictures of this mountain, it’s recommended to come in the morning or evening, because light and images are beautiful, which is hard to see.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces is located in Yunnan Province, Yuan Yang City. This place is a cultural legacy and lifestyle heritage from Hani’s ancestors from generation to generation. 2500 years ago, this valley was not very suitable for farming but without giving up, the Hani people brought rocks and sharpened them then connected them together to form a wall, and set the area in stages until they could farm.

This kind of rice field became more famous. During the Ming Dynasty, this farming method was introduced throughout China until it was given the nickname by the Ming Dynasty Emperor “The Eagle God of the Great Mountain”. 

The perfect time to visit the rice terraces is recommended to visit in autumn when you can see a sea of white mist alternating with green fields, another period to visit is in the open skies period. In every season, the plant species revolves around the color of the rice terraces. Anyone who visits Yunnan Province needs to stop by and take a picture of this beauty.

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