‘Slowjamastan’ A new country with the U.S.A. DJ as its sultan

When there was no country to visit, he decided to set up his own country. ‘Slowjamastan’, a newly opened country which is located in the desert, with an American DJ establishing himself as the Sultan.

The origin of Slowjamastan

This country is officially called “United Territories of The Sovereign Nation of The People’s Republic of Slowjamastan” Located in the middle of the desert on more than 11.07 acres on California Highway 78, far in the northwest of San Diego. It takes two and a half hours to drive. 

It’s a self-declared country of “Randy Williams” or ‘R Dub!’, a U.S.A. DJ who loves slow jam songs. Williams often spends his free time visiting 193 countries in the world. After visiting Turkmenistan as the last country, he came up with the idea of building his own country to be the 194th country. 

Williams inspired the creation of his own country from the Republic of Molossia, which is a micronation group on an 11.3 acre site in Nevada that declared independence from the United States in 1998.

The young DJ then decided to buy an empty land in the desert for $19,000 in October 2021 and named it according to his own radio program. He established himself as “Sultan of Slowjamastan” and declared independence from the United States on December 1, 2021.

The regime in Slowjamastan

Slowjamastan is ruled by Williams as Sultan. The regime is a dictatorship. “Most of the time we are dictators,” Williams said. “But on some occasions, there will be special cases of voting and referendum, such as the national fruit vote, our sport, and our national animal name.”

Here, they also make their own passports, their own flags, their national anthem, and print their own currency. There are also strange laws such as not wearing Crocs shoes in the country.

In terms of tourism, Sultan Williams has now opened its borders to tourists with popular activities such as taking selfies in front of the Slowjamastan sign, visiting Independence Square, and searching for a national animal, Raccoon.

Slowjamastan Roadmap

The republic has more than 500 registered citizens, while another 4,500 are awaiting approval according to conditions or waiting to apply for citizenship. He invited tourists to visit the Republic of Slowjamastan, while he also plans to make Slowjamastan the most important micronation in the world.

Williams is trying to establish diplomatic relations with other countries, including making it recognized as an officially separate country from the United States. He sees Slowjamastan as a legitimate country under the Montevideo Convention. He himself sent letters to President Biden several times but still didn’t get a reply. “Maybe it’s in his spam folder,” Williams explained.

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