Let’s get to know ‘Pop Mart’ A popular toy store that sells blind boxes 

Open up a world of Pop Mart, blind toy boxes that excite many people, and also cute figures for people who love to collect them. Where is the origin of this Pop Mart and why is it so interesting? Today, ACU PAY will take everyone to take a look at this cute art world.

Pop Mart, toys for collecting from blind boxes

Pop Mart is a shop that sells toys or figures for collecting from China that Chinese people call “Pao Pao Ma Te”(泡泡马特: Pao Pao Ma Te). It was founded in 2010 by Wang Ning, a 36-year-old man from Henan who inspired a blind toy box. He once said in an interview with the Chinese media that, “It’s better to buy excitement than to buy other kinds of happiness,” leading to the current business model of Pop Mart.

The collection of toys is a collaboration of famous toy designers such as “Sonny Angel”, a hot art toy from Japan, and “Molly”, the best-selling toy series that made Pop Mart famous as a smash hit from Hong Kong artist, Kenny Wong. Including collaboration with characters from world-famous movies and cartoons such as Universal Studio, Disney, Warner Bros. and Sanrio to be designed as a toy model under the copyright of Pop Mart.

The blind box strategy creates excitement

Pop Mart uses a blind box marketing strategy which is inspired by the Japanese Gachapon because it can excite and surprise consumers, but different in the form of the goods boxes.

Each series has the same theme story and the characters to be collected are about 8 – 12 characters in total, and there will be a Secret character, the fewest and the rarest characters that will help create excitement for collectors and gamblers. But if you want to collect without taking a chance, Pop Mart also sells a set of all characters in the series.

Expand the market; Open the first Pop Mart in Thailand

On September 20, 2013, POP MART FLAGSHIP STORE @ Central World was officially launched with the first branch in Thailand at Central World. This creates a phenomenon of people lining up in front of the mall and also launching the Opening Limited edition products prepared for stores opening in Thailand especially.

At the launch event,  Justin Moon, a Pop Mart International President, said Thailand is the third most popular country to buy Pop Mart products (after China and the United States). Pop Mart in Thailand has decorated its shop as if we were walking in an art exhibition that brings together artists from many countries, as well as the works of famous Thai artists such as ‘Mod-Nisa Srikhamdee’ or “Molly,” a crybaby character who is currently in the spotlight.

The highlight of the opening ceremony was art toys from the popular Chinese artist ‘Skullpanda’ by ‘Xiongmao’, a famous Chinese artist. It is a girl character who was inspired by an extraterrestrial planet with only 140 pieces and only in Thailand. The highlighted character cost 6,690 baht like many other character products.

Pop Mart has become a very attractive and interesting business in the Asian market, and products like art toys are so cute that nobody can’t resist. Anyone who likes figures by any artist can share and comment in this article.

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