9 ways to fall in love with yourself

To love yourself looks like something that is easy to do and you can do it right away without permission from someone else. In fact, loving yourself is something that most people can’t do or can’t do completely. Also, ;loving yourself in the wrong way can lead to selfishness. Today, ACU PAY will take everyone to fall in love with oneself. Even if we are the black sheep, we will be the happiest black sheep in this world.

Cherish and be gentle to yourself

Most people often neglect their feelings. We may think about the way other people talk to us or their attitude while those who say or treat us in that way may forget. Only us who keep hurting ourselves with those words and attitudes of others. It may be impossible for us to not think about but to value negative words and bad attitudes is a waste of our time and happiness. There are a lot of good words that people told us, we should keep only good saying to embrace and comfort ourselves.

We all are different

All of us are not the same, even siblings who have the same parents are different. Don’t be discouraged if we can’t do this as well as anyone else. Comparing ourselves to others brings suffering. We all have our own paths. We’ll find meaning and value in our paths.

We have the right rhythm of life at a time

Making mistakes is a normal thing in life. No one would want to make mistakes, we all want our lives to be smooth and happy. Mistakes show that you have done that already. Mistakes will help you see the leakage of problems that arise, and it will be an experience that will help us develop ourselves. Do not keep thinking about your mistakes, others can make mistakes as us as well.

We do not need to be strong all the time

Having a strong heart is good but we do not need to be like that all the time. Sometimes we’re weak, dissatisfied, sad, or depressed; crying is another thing that can help us as well as talking to someone we trust and understand us. Writing helps us relax our emotions well, but writing on social media can damage our image because most people are unconscious and often use emotions over logic. Maybe trying to write in a notebook is a good choice.

We all are imperfect

Nothing in this world that is born perfectly. In fact, and in psychology, all of us are imperfect and no living thing can develop itself to what is called “perfect.” Since what we want changes all the time, this kind of imperfection makes us value ourselves and others as well. 

Say ‘I love you’ to yourself and hug yourself

We are often the ones who make us feel bad. Try changing those words to be something that encourages, compliment to yourself, as well as saying I love you to yourself. If you don’t know how to start, try embracing yourself softly in the morning after waking up. Gently tab on your shoulders or arms and say I love you or use good words or bless yourself. OUr brain will memorize those things we do and will release happy hormones. To love oneself sincerely will make us love others and be happy for ourselves.

Focus on the present moment

Sometimes we think about our mistakes in the past which made us unhappy in the present. Even at times, past stories do not affect our present. In addition to being used as teachers to teach us what we should do now, we can also use them to cherish the present. Let’s just do the present well.

Stay away from social world

Being a part of the social world is good, however, people on the social world tend to post about happiness or their success. With human basic instinct, we compare ourselves with others unconsciously and pressure ourselves. Also, surfing on social media makes us waste our time without us knowing.

Thanks yourself

Saying thank you to ourselves not only makes our day more happy but also benefits us in many ways. Saying thank you to ourselves can make a bad day better. Saying thank you both to yourself and others is good. Those who listen will feel good, it is also basic manners.

What is your opinion on 9 ways to fall in love with yourself? It is normal for us to have a gloomy day, but there will always be brightening days awaiting for you. It may be a little difficult but you will manage it if you are conscious and love yourself as much as you can. When the rain stops, it’s time for the flowers in your heart to bloom and then the overcast sky will return to be beautiful again.

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