A trip to the ancient city in Samut Prakan.

Long holidays are coming up again. Many people might want to travel all over Thailand but do not have enough time. However, ACU would like to recommend a place that will make you feel like you have traveled all over the country. It is an ancient city in Samut Prakan. You can travel all over the country in one day just by going to this place.

The ancient city, private outdoor museum, collection of architecture and arts about history in Thailand. It is displayed lively in an area of more than 800 rai. It is the prototype of sustainable tourism. The area has been designed as a map of Thailand. The zone is divided into 4 main parts, separated according to 4 regions of Thailand. Some places are constructed from about 25% of the actual size to honor the actual location. This is not going to be as big as the original, but every detail is very realistic and ultra-fine work.

5 places not to miss in the ancient city

An antique market

Let’s start with the antique market which is the beginning zone of the ancient city. This zone is free from entry fees. People who have little time, because they have to go somewhere else, can stop by for a walk without buying entrance tickets. It’s an antique market with many antique things such as old houses and old snacks that we used to eat as a child.

The Pavilion of the Enlightened

It’s a beautiful golden pavilion in the middle of the water. There’s a long bridge to the pavilion. Inside, there’s a Buddha statue. This place is perfect for taking pictures. The pavilion is very detailed. If you take a picture in the morning, it has a shadow that extends into the water, and it’s even more beautiful

The Pavilion of Ramayana

It’s a five-story pavilion built in the middle of the water. In the middle of the pavilion, there is a Trimurti in a giving a great treasure posture to bless wealth, stability, luck, and success. It is a place where various rituals are performed. The interior is decorated with Ramayana paintings in the pavilion. You can go and pray for blessings.

Grand Royal Barge Procession

It is a fleet formation that resembles the King’s parade. It can be viewed from the land, but it is recommended to go on a cruise. You’ll be able to see the other side of the scenario. It takes about 30 minutes to sail, but you can see ancient cities and other structures from a very beautiful angle.

Phimai Stone Castel

Let’s wrap this up here. The model is in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, but just come to Samut Prakan and you will feel like you are traveling to the actual place. Even if it’s smaller, this place can keep all the details in full.

Anyone interested can go to the ancient city. There are many more interesting zones waiting for you there. You can go with your family or with your friends. The ancient city was very spacious. Traveling within the ancient city could be done in a variety of ways, depending on the convenience of each person. Don’t worry if you go inside and get hungry because there are many restaurants in the ancient city.

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