Color Corrector, a helper to make your face look fine with color theory.

Each of you might have a different skin problem. No matter how much we rely on skincare products, we still need makeup to help always. Especially those who have uneven skin color, dull-skinned, pimple, blemish, redness spots or dark circles under the eyes. Even though there is concealer to conceal those blemishes and pimples, it may not fully help to conceal them. Today, ACU would like to introduce you to a Color Corrector, a helper with a colors wheel function that uses Complementary colors to neutralize the skin. In this regard, all color choices must be made to match the skin problem.

Yellow (cover bruises, blood vessels and dark spots on the eyelids)

A Yellow corrector is suitable for every skin color from fair skin people to dark skin people. It will brighten your skin and make you look healthy. In addition, light yellow helps to cover dark spots around blue-purple eyes and can also cover soft red marks, bruises, scarves, and so on.

Green(cover red marks from a pimple)

Green is another color that is good for makeup. It’s suitable for girls with acne red marks because green is the opposite color of red colors. It reduces the redness of all skin types no matter the redness from rash or other redness as well as yellow. Anyone with red skin is recommended to try it because green reduces redness, makes the face look more refined, and harmonizes with your real skin.

Purple (cover the dark spots and adjust the skin tone.)

Not enough sleep, hard work, and little rest, are the reason why the clear bright face turns to look dull and has dark circles under the eyes like a panda bear. To improve skin clarity, a purple corrector can be used. It also corrects black spots, black marks and dark spots under the eyes. It can also be mixed with a little base if you want to keep skin color consistent throughout your face.

Pink, red and orange (cover the dullness, hide the dark spots under the eyes)

Peach and pink shades can hide dark spots for natural skin tones, while red and orange colors can remove dark shades and are suitable for people with dull or dark skin tones. In addition, Corrector’s shades can also counter green shades such as prominent veins on the face, and also remove hairy areas on the face. It also helps the skin to look brighter.

Blue (covers blemishes, freckles, and helps to lighten the face.)

Let’s finish up with the blue corrector. It is for people who have a very very fair skin color which makes you seem not so lively. Using a blue-tone corrector will help make your pale skin look brighter with a more lively vibe. In addition, it helps to cover various orange traces such as tanned skin and over-skinned skin. It can be used in blue to reduce the orange color or have a face with blemishes or freckles. The face will look beautifully balanced and the skin is good.

Can lipsticks be used as a corrector?

Lipstick can definitely be used as a corrector. Lipstick is the same principle as using a corrector. The red lipstick can be used to remove dark circles under the eyes. Or peach or pink lipstick to improve skin clarity and orange lipstick for covering skin defects.

However, since the lipstick is too sticky, it only lasts a short time before it gets dirty and wrinkled. It can cause skin damage or acne, so it’s more appropriate to buy correctors.

There might be a lot of steps to finally get perfect makeup and fine skin. However, using the color correctors correctly is not too hard for everyone. Also, you will appreciate the result after finishing doing makeup.

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