Can we get pension from Social Security before we turn 55?

Is it possible for people under 55 who will retire early to request for a pension from Social Security if they regularly pay contributions to Social Security? Today, ACU PAY will take you to find the answer to this question!


Before finding the answer to this question, we need to understand about what the contributions paid every month are used by social insurance. For example, Section 33;

5% contribution of salary is divided into 3 parts;

Part 1: The amount of 3% for Child Support and Old age pension

Part 2: The amount of 1.5% for Illness or Accidents, Disability, Childbirth, and Death

Part 3: The amount of 0.5% for Unemployment

The money to be returned from social insurance is called “old age pension,” not the total amount we have paid to social insurance which has a different way of calculating old age pension. Each person will vary according to Section 33, Section 39,  Section 40, period of contribution payment, and salary base.

When will we get the old age pension from Social Security?

Old age pension can be returned only if the conditions are met as follows: 

  1. Only when the insured reaches 55 years of age.
  2. The termination of the insured which is to quit his job and end his life as an insured under Section 33 or Section 39
  3. Social Security’s old age pension must be processed within one year after the end of being insured under Section 33 or Section 39, also known as quitting from the Social Security Fund.

Can we get an old-age pension before we turn 55?

The answer is No. No matter how many months or years we have contributed. How to get a pension before the age of 55 completely requires only the following two exceptional conditions:

  1. The insured becomes disabled before the age of 55, and they can claim social security back.
  2. The insured died before the age of 55, with the heir eligible to receive the money.

The money received in both cases will be “Old Age gratuity” not “Old Age Pension” even though the 15th contribution has been completely submitted.

However, the question is whether in the future we will be able to get a social security pension before the age of 55.

The answer is possible because on May 10, 2023, the Cabinet approved the principle of adding 3 issues of old age benefits, also known as 3 requests: selection request, return request, and loan request with the following details:

1. Request to select: Allow the insured who has reached the age of 55 to be eligible for choosing an old age gratuity or pension.

Currently, the insured cannot choose what kind of money to receive because the law calculates from the number of years in which contributions are not submitted for 180 months or 15 years, they will get a ‘gratuity’, but if they send contributions for 180 months or more, they can get a ‘pension’. The insured can choose only one.

2. Request to return: Some old-age pensions can be returned before the age of 55.

In the event of an economic crisis, public health, or an event that affects the insured, some old age pensions can be returned before the age of 55. The benefits of getting some pension returns are that they can relieve financial difficulties but if they receive money in advance, their pension will be reduced.

3. Request for a loan: Some of the old-age pensions can be used as collateral for financial institutions.

Loan requests can help those who are financially affected and have no collateral to apply for a loan. However, be careful if the insured fails to repay the loan as scheduled, the guarantee may be forfeited and their pension will be reduced according to the amount of collateral.

The Cabinet has already approved the bill in principle, but it is still in the process of expediting legal proceedings. The news can be heard from the Social Security Office’s public relations office.

How to Check Social Security Old Age Pension

The general public can check for themselves how much old age pension has accumulated with social security through 3 channels, which are

  • SSO Mobile App
  • Line Official Account : @SSOTHAI
  • Website : www.sso.go.th

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