Cold water shower Vs. Warm water shower, which one is better for health?

Taking a shower is a-must routine for Thai people because the weather in Thailand is hot, very hot, and extremely hot! Some people love to take a shower with cold water while some people like to take a shower with warm water no matter how hot the weather is. Do you know the benefits of cold water showering and warm water showering? and what is the difference between these  2 types of taking a shower? ACU PAY would love to tell you.

Cold water shower

Taking showers with cold water is something that Thai people are familiar with, but did you know that taking cold showers is also useful? In Western science, there is ‘Ice bathing’ in sports which is to lie down in iced cold water at 10 – 15 degrees Celsius to reduce injury and restore muscle as well.

Pros of cold water shower

Taking a shower with normal temperature or cold water will refresh you and make you wide-awake quickly after taking a shower. It moisturizes the skin, makes our skin look radiant and smooth, helps fat metabolism, and strengthens body immunity.

Cons of cold water shower

Cold showering is not suitable for sick people or people with low immunity as they may result in increased body weakness. This could cause the circulatory system to malfunction, a sudden drop in body temperature, and possibly even a blackout.

Warm water shower

For someone, no matter how hot the weather is, they still choose to take a shower with warm water because they feel comfortable after taking a warm shower. Warm water also cleanses skin dirt better because warm water opens pores wider than cold water.

Pros of warm water shower

Taking a shower with water at 27 – 37 degrees celsius will help in relaxing and stress relieving. It also relieves pain, relaxes body muscles, and improves sleep. In addition, a warm shower for women before or during menstruation will help with blood circulation and relieve spasms and abdominal pain.

Cons of warm water shower

Do not take a warm shower for too long because it will make your skin dry easily. It is not recommended for people with abnormal blood pressure, the elderly, and those who have just finished their exercises because it will make them lose more water.

Which one is good for your health?

It can be seen that both cold showering and warm showering have different pros and cons. We can take a shower with both types. It is recommended to take a shower as follows;

  • In the morning, take a shower with cold water to refresh your body and get ready to start a new day.
  • In the evening, take a shower with warm water to relieve stress and improve sleeping.
  • If you want to make yourself wide-awake, try taking a shower with cold water alternately with warm water for 10 minutes to stimulate the blood circulation in your body which will make you wide awake more quickly.

In conclusion, whether taking a shower with cold or warm water, we need to check our health and weather together as well to prevent a blackout or sudden faint while taking a shower. You should have your feet touch the water first so that our body can adjust its temperature before every shower begins.

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