Color psychology and brand designing

Not only does color influence emotion, but it’s also as important as the logo because color creates a unique and memorable personality that helps consumers or service users recognize and motivate their choices to buy goods. To have a better understanding of the meaning of color in the brand, ACU PAY will show you how color affects mood and brand.

How does color affect emotions and feelings?

Although color perception is quite an individual thing, psychology considers color to be a stimulus that causes the response. The process of this stimulus has a great influence on the human nervous system. It can change mood, personality, and human behavior. In addition, research shows that 62 to 90 percent of people recognize the color of a brand or product first.

  1. Red

It’s a powerful color that stimulates excitement and rousing, attracts attention, and is most noticeable. Thus, it is not surprising that this color is normally used in promotional signs to attract customers who pass by to catch a glimpse of the discount sign and come and see the product. Red will help stimulate customers’ decision-making. Red also represents a desire for food and beverage, making the food and beverage business choose red as the brand’s signature color.

  1. Orange

Orange gives a bright, hot, splendid, energetic, and powerful feeling because it is a mixed color between red and yellow. It shows the enthusiasm for red while it also expresses the welcoming, friendly, and warm feeling of yellow. It is suitable for brands that want to express friendship and welcome service. Orange is also a color used for online marketing of call-to-action (CTA).

  1. Yellow

Yellow gives a bright, naughty, and lively feeling. It also conveys logic, and creativity, and encourages positive thinking and doing new things. With the lightest color of the spectrum, yellow is ideal for brands that convey light, hope, happiness, fun, and warmth. A dark yellow tone gives a feeling of wealth, like the color of gold.

  1. Green

Green is the best color for the human eyes because green relaxes muscles and optic nerves while it is a natural color that expresses balance, growth, stability, and safety. Dark green involves finance and dignity, while light green involves rebirth, growth, and freshness. For businesses, green represents the brands’ benefits for health or promotes natural products and organic products, and it is friendly to the environment. 

  1. Blue or sky blue

Blue is the most popular color used by people because blue is a color that gives a sense of calm, seriousness, and concentration. Moreover, it is a color that shows reliability and safety. Therefore, it is popular in business uniforms and airlines because it represents trustworthiness, which helps in building customer loyalty. At the same time, blue and sky blue provide a clear, vivid, broad feel that reduces stress and stimulates creativity and imagination.

  1. Purple

It’s a color of imagination and inspirational spirit. It is the color that represents thoughtfulness that allows us to connect with deeper thoughts. Purple represents wealth, power, often used to represent high-quality or better products. For example, in the service business, purple is commonly used in marketing to promote premium services. 

  1. White/black/grey


This group of colors is called “Achromatic,” which means no color. They are not classified as color theoretically, but they also influence mood. This group of colors encourages the brand to look luxurious, simple but expensive, discreet, and high-class. It expresses a sense of stability without using garish colors. These three colors are timeless and classic for many generations, such as car brands, shoes, luxury brands, or high-end brands.

In addition, according to research by Marketo and Column Five from 100 brands on ‘famous brands’ to promote their image, blue is the most popular color, followed by red, black, or gray, and the last place is yellow.

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