Coordinates of the new Mala Shabus in Bangkok!

Mala Shabu lovers should not miss this content! Today, ACU PAY is going to take you to new Mala Shabu restaurants where you have to go eat once because each restaurant is so focused starting from decorating the store just like taking you to China, with a variety of food for you to choose from!

1.Shu Daxia Thailand

It’s widely talked about on social media with the new Mala Shabu store opening in the CDC area called “SHU DAXIA,” meaning “Great fighter of Sichuan.” It started in Sichuan Province, China. The first store opened in 2015 and now has more than 600 branches throughout China. Shu Daxia is a premium Shabu Hot Pot restaurant starting with various flavors of soups to select with the best ingredients from all corners of the world such as Wagyu A4 or Kurobuta pork and more. The signature menu that you can’t miss is the dragon ring (match meat as you like), soft meat dipped in milk, JomYut beef, and cow tongue. 

The atmosphere inside the store is a tavern with a retro Chinese theme. All three floors are decorated with decorations and make you feel like you are in the theater. The first floor is a unified table zone. Walk in front of the entrance and meet the giant golden dragon along with live performances, with actors taking turns dancing and playing instruments. The 2nd and 3rd floors will be private seating areas, including VIP rooms for up to 10 customers with minimum orders of 10,000 baht or more.

Open: 11.00 am to 00.00 am (only for walk-in)

Coordinate: CDC along Ekkamai-Ramintra Expressway

Have a parking lot in front of the restaurant.

2. Gaolaojiu Hotpot

Gaolaojiu Hotpot is the largest Mala Hotpot Restuarant in the Ratchada-Huai Khwang area right now. The original recipe from Chongqing. The menu is very diverse, whether it’s pork, A5 beef, lamb, various seafood dishes, or snack menus are available. For example, fried quail eggs with filling, Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice, and free fruit. The restaurant uses fresh, high-quality ingredients imported from China.

The atmosphere outside the store was decorated with a magnificent red color that you have to turn around to look at when you drive past. Inside the restaurant is decorated in the modern Chinese style, there is a waiting seat and a snack is served while waiting. After you get the table, it serves fruit and Ping Fen, fresh fruit jelly desserts.

Open: 11.00 am to 03.30 am

Coordinate: Before Huai Kwang intersection, across from Swissotel Bangkok Ratchada Hotel.

Have a parking lot in front of the restaurant.

How to go: MRT, Huai Khwang, Exit 3, The Emerald Hotel exit.

3. Daloung Hotpot

A real Chinese-style Mala Hot Pot which is extravagantly decorated, even the dishes. There is a wide range of meat options including beef, goat meat, and Australian lamb or pork belly. There are also duck Intestines, beef balls, ladies’ fingernails, and various offal. There’s a lot of sauce to choose from. Anyone who is addicted to Thai-style sauce such as seafood sauce is also available. There are also three soups to choose from. 

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is Chinese-style and has a photo corner that is perfect for selfie lovers. Each corner of the store has its own painted image all over it. In addition, the restaurant offers two zones of the room as a common table and a VIP family table, where you can eat with your family and friends in a personal atmosphere.

Open: 11.00 am to 03.00 am

Coordinate: Huai Kwang Ratchada Soi 20 Mithuna, Intersection 19

Have a parking lot in front of the restaurant

4. Banthat Thong Mala, Mala Suki Test

Anyone who loves to eat Mala Hot Pot alone in a private space, Jergan Suki Mala in Banthat Thong area is recommended. It is a Mala Hot Pot restaurant in a ramen test style. You can pick any food as you like with the starting price at 10 baht. There are a lot of meat, vegetables, and exotic meat like crocodile meat and frog. There are nine soups to choose from. Sauces can be picked on your own as you please. 

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is very private, the seats are separated by walls, similar to a Japanese test ramen restaurant. No one can see how much you have eaten. So private. The restaurant also provides chic photo corners for customers to take pictures and post them on social media. It is not so expensive, so you should go and try it.

Open: 03.00 pm. to 01.00 am.

Coordinate: 1464 Banthat Thong Road (next to Jae Oh shop)

5. Shi Qi Men Shabu

Original Shabu Hot Pot restaurant in Chongqing style in the Huai Kwang area. There is a snack zone for both food and dessert. The recommended menu that you can’t miss is Australian beef, sheep, black chicken, duck intestines, bronchial tubes, meatballs, and seafood. The restaurant uses fresh, clean ingredients and provides a magnificent dish garnished just like other Shabu Hot Pot restaurants. There are also many soups and dipping sauces to choose from.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is in a Chinese-style elegant decorative style and has a photo corner to get a good picture at every corner. The store is not very large compared to other Hot Pot Restaurants, but there are also two types of seating zones, such as the general unified seating zone and the VIP zone as well.

Open: 11.00 am to 05.00 am

Coordinate: STD Shabu STD SHABU 七门火锅店, Huai Kwang, near the Cultural Center.

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