“Tell me when you get home” Game Project reflects on Society of a woman getting home alone at night.

Going home alone at night gives you an unsafe feeling, “Tell me when you get home,” becomes a catchphrase for a lot of people to say to friends who have to get home alone at night. Especially for girls who would understand the feeling when saying this phrase to their girl friends.

“Tell me when you get home” is an Interactive Game Website where players must play the role of a young woman who has to travel home late at night alone. Along the way home, she experienced unexpected events, whether threatened in a taxi or the horrible atmosphere of walking alone in a desolate alley. The player must choose what to do in each situation. Every decision made in the time given will affect the end of the game differently.

The game itself contains warnings for some players who may be uncomfortable with the situation in the game. Once you try it, the game gives off pressure through dark and gloomy tones. This makes the player feel insecure and paranoid all the time while playing.

This game is part of the thesis project by ‘Ta-Pimpisa Keabram’, a fourth-year student in Visual Communication Design at Silpakorn University. It was exhibited at the exhibition “Leaper,” an art thesis exhibition of the Department of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Hall (BACC) on May 30th

This project was inspired by real-life events. She said that the story in this Interactive game was caused by the unsafe travel experiences she encountered in her daily life, as well as the frequent sight of news alerts about threatened people on social media which make her notice that there are a lot of people who have faced the same problem as hers.

After the announcement of its launch, the game created a huge sensation for people in the social world, along with being praised for its realistic content and the presentation of social threats that just step out of the house is found every day.

Real life can’t start over like a game, so having this project will help raise social awareness and be a voice for women and many people who have the opportunity to experience it to be able to get more safety in our lives, whether from government agencies or other agencies soon.

You can play at https://gethomesafe.newfile.studio/

Do not forget to “Tell me when you get home”

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