Delve into TikTok platform sales tricks!

A hot platform right at the moment is TikTok. TikTok is both a social media platform and online shopping platform. Many sellers who sell their goods on TikTok all agree that the TikTok online shopping platform is great. However, any new sellers on the TikTok might wonder if there are any tricks to have a good sale on the TikTok platform. The answer is Yes, there is. Today, we will share some tips to increase your number of sales on the TikTok platform, starting from creating content, hashtag and so on. Before moving to selling on TikTok, let’s get to know about what TikTok is and how to open your shops on the platform.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok was created by China and is an online platform intended to create and distribute short video clips. The app offers a variety of visual and audio effects for users to enjoy editing their videos. Tiktok’s record of users and the highest number of downloads has caused a viral trend in popularity among people around the world. After we know what Tiktok is, We’ll see what tricks made a merchant so high in sales.

Tiktok platform sales tricks

  • Short, compact, and fun video clips.

Selling items requires the creation of Brand Awareness, where content creation is very important and needs to be concise and meaningful. The content could be story-telling and secretly advertise the products, or it could be a review of the texture, color, and shape of the product, or it could be to create a unique personality that is memorable for others.

  • Using Hashtag

Another important factor in TikTok’s posting is the attachment of a hashtag (#) that will give our sales posts more visibility. The more hashtags that are in trend during that period, the more likely your posts are to be seen.

  • Open the opportunities for others to participate

Creating activities to play with the audience or customers, such as answering questions, and the winner will get prizes or participating in brand naming, etc. It creates a relationship, and it also gives us the impression that customers can easily access us and our products.

  • Select a song in a current trend

 The popularity of the trend has become higher every day, and it’s changing rapidly. New merchants may be able to take advantage of the music that is in the trend at that moment. For example, do the products Tie-ins and put in a hit song or dance to that song Challenge, but you can also paste a product sales link, etc.

  • KOLs or Influencers

Normally, anyone likes to see something pretty, but selecting KOLs or Influencers must be in line with the product. Most of the trends are caused by KOLs or Influencers. If you have them promote products in Tiktok, your products will sell well.